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Monday, May 5, 2014

Shinigami-kun drama: episode 2 recap and screenshots

Main Cast:

Satoshi Ohno as Shinigami #413
Mirei Kiritani as Shinigami's supervisor, through 2 episodes she hasn't been called anything
Masaki Suda as Akuma
Yutaka Matsushige as The Chief

 This episode we finally get to meet 2 more of the main cast, "The Chief" made a short appearance in the last minute of this episode but think starting with the next show we'll be seeing much more of him. Mirei's character still has no name after these two episodes and not sure if she'll ever have one, she's just kind of a mysterious figure who for some reason is #413's supervisor, will say she looks quite fetching in that short skirt. In this episode shinigami #413 plays the biggest part once again but the key part is a different character, in episode 1 it was Fukuko who had 3 days to live, this time around it's another human but not one who is scheduled to die.... yet.

 At the end of episode one shinigami #413 had left his notebook in the human world and to start off this episode him and his supervisor are at their wits end trying to find it, grave consequences can happen if it falls into the hands of a human. And on Earth is where the book is as a disgruntled insurance salesman Akuma finds it lying on the ground next to a park bench. How it ended up there was never explained but Akuma looking through it has seen the name and dates of many but had no clue to what any of it meant. At first that is as he quickly discovers that most of the names are of recently deceased people but then he notices a few of the names are of the living with a date only a few days into the future. When one of the names on the list all of a sudden dies he realizes the book could be his savior as he is an inept insurance salesman who cannot sell a policy and any day now he expects to be fired.

 Think the Shinigami book needs a bit of explaining, if you've seen the Death Note films or anime it closely resembles that book. Once a name is written in the book that person will die but in this drama the one big difference is whoever wrote the name can erase it and that person will be saved. And like the films if you touch the book you can see the shinigami and communicate with him whereas ones who don't touch cannot see the shinigami. 
 Back to Akuma who has found the book, he finds the names of the people who are scheduled to die and goes looking for them to sell them a life insurance policy. He is successful in selling them and his job for now has been spared but the problem a few days after they buy the policy they die and the company has to end up paying off the insurance, now Akuma's boss wants to fire him for a different reason. As you can see in the above pic Yamamoto is scheduled to die, his young son Kenta happens to be an acquaintance of Akuma so in order to save the father Akuma does something quite rash. Instead he writes the name of his boss in the book, doing that means there's one too many deaths that are planned by according to the shinigami rules when a name gets added like that another life will be spared and that live will be Yamamoto.

 Things don't work out as easily as that though because there are certain rules a shinigami has to follow and even though it's possible to change who can live and die it's strictly against the rules to do so. Shinigami #413 has finally tracked down Akuma and has found his book and thinks all is now okay until he discovers the name of Akuma's boss in the book. Only the person who wrote it can erase the name and put things back in their normal order but Akuma will not do that, he truly hates his boss with a passion and there is nothing anyone can say to him to make him erase that name. Akuma seems like a nice guy but his boss has driven him right over the edge, it may be murder but no one will be able to prove it as only the shinigami world knows exactly what is going on. 
 Meanwhile Akuma and shinigami #413 have become a bit closer, not quite friends yet but getting to that stage. #413 keeps trying to talk Akuma into erasing the name of his boss but to no avail, it's now getting down to crunch time as the boss has only a few hours left to live. It's not a change of heart but Akuma does end up erasing the name of his boss thus sparing his life but instead has ordered him to sign off on an insurance policy for Yamamoto, the boss refuses knowing that the policy will have to paid out. However the boss ends up passing out as he's nearing his deadline and when that happens Akuma steals his seal and approves the policy. Shortly after the boss makes a miraculous recovery but because of that Yamamoto has passed away, his family was poor but now has enough money to survive on thanks to the policy.

 Nearing the end with this recap, it's a bit easier to watch it than explain it though it's really not a difficult drama to understand. Anew name has been written in the book of #413 and that's of Akuma's friend Kenta whose father has died. When Akuma sees that he snatches the book away from #413 and quickly writes his name in the book, now he's scheduled to die in 3 days but because of that he's saving the life of Kenta. Once again there's an uproar in the shinigami world because of that but we're not sure how it's going to play out as the episode ends, think to keep the story a bit fresh wouldn't be surprised to see Akuma die in the next episode and probably become a shinigami himself, perhaps even working with #413. Final minute of this episode we finally meet the remaining main character who is "The Chief" of the shinigamis, he warns #413 and his supervisor there is deep trouble on the horizon as they are going to have to deal with a very bad person, who it may be or what it may be we have no clue about as the show ends on that note.

 Probably went into too much detail for this episode but it's really hard not to for this drama, on the other hand I also probably left a lot out, if so the next post has a mega amount of screenshots from this episode which you can check out to help you a bit more with the story. Through 2 episodes would recommend it, this drama with a few cliffhangers could go either way but have a feeling it's going to remain a solid watch and would think it may even get a lot better, least I'm hoping so. Will be doing reviews every other show so will be back in two weeks with some recaps for episodes 3 &4.

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