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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shinigami-kun drama: episode 4 recap and screenshots

Main Cast:

Satoshi Ohno as Shinigami #413
Mirei Kiritani as Shinigami's supervisor, through 4 episodes she hasn't been called anything
Masaki Suda as Akuma, the Devil
Yutaka Matsushige as The Chief

Guest Stars:
Takehiro Hira
Asami Usuda
Hitomi Sato
Ken Yasuda

 Bit of a comeback this episode after #3 was a bit lackluster, for a while thought this was going to play out like Ohno's "Locked Room Mysteries" drama but didn't turn out that way but still was a interesting watch.

 Shinigami #413 has been given another assignment to go back down to Earth to get another human who is about to die but there is a major complication this time around. And that is there's no name listed in his book, just a time and hotel room where that person will be, also unlike other cases where the person has 3 days to live this time they only have four hours. Upon arriving on Earth it seems like a simple task however as there's just one young lady who is staying in the room. Seemed easy at first but of course things don't work out that way as shortly after the doctor who the woman is having an affair with arrives, but that just starts the avalanche of people coming to the room.
 The death is supposed to happen at 6:00 pm, it's now right around 2:00 pm where 2 people enter the room, a young mother's child is very sick and she needs the doctor to try to help him, now with these arrivals there are four people in the room. But to top it off a seemingly deranged killer becomes the final person to enter the room, he won't let anyone leave as he's holding them hostage with a knife. But even if they could escape his clutches there's nowhere for them to go as a fire has broken out on the hotel floor leaving everyone in the room trapped.

 As it stands there are 5 humans in the room and Shinigami #413 has no idea who will be the person to die, he only lets a person know if they are going to die, he has no input in the decision of which people die in the world. So for the next few hours it's constant bickering between the 5 people and many, many things about their lives come out. The "killer" really isn't one, by mistake he happened to kill a man who was threatening a woman and as a matter of fact he's actually been a hero security guard on a few occasions. However on those two occasions he was granted a wish by Akuma who has arrived on the scene and is hoping he'll use his third wish so he can take his soul.
 It's getting nearer and nearer to 6:00 pm and still no one in the room knows which of them is about to die when suddenly the fire gets much worse and unless the occupants act quickly all of them in the room could die. Shinigami explained to all that besides not knowing who will die he also doesn't know how many will die, there is a chance that any number of them could die.

 The security guard eventually relents to Akuma and takes the third wish which is saving everyone in the the room by going out into the blaze and setting the sprinklers off to put out the fire. He does do that but at the same time there's also a massive explosion that destroys the hotel room, know we're left wondering did anyone in the room survive?
 And actually all of them did, they all were injured and ended up in the hospital but all survived leaving us with the one question: who did die? Someone did but it wasn't a living human yet as the woman who was having an affair was pregnant and due to the explosion ended losing her baby, the baby had no name hence that's why the Shinigami's book was blank as far as listing the person who is supposed to die. All ends well as the couple get engaged, the "killer" was once again a hero and didn't need Akuma's last wish to save everyone, second show in a row where the third wish wasn't granted, hope this doesn't happen all the time.

 And that's close to being an accurate summary though I did leave many small details out, last few recaps have been way too long and wanted to go back to writing them a bit shorter. This was much better than the third episode though it ended on too good of a note, it's a rather serious drama but not enough serious things happen besides that one death every show. Plus we haven't seen what happens yet if Akuma's 3 wishes are granted to a human, it's almost happened twice but the third wish at the last moment wasn't granted, we really need to see what happens if it is.
 So far through four episodes would rate this about an 8/10 or just a tad higher, it's been a solid watch but there are some things which could be better but there's still plenty of time to improve this series a bit. Will be back with episode 5 soon and them there will be a bit of a break as this drama didn't air last Friday night due to some soccer match so there will be a bit of a gap after the next recap. Next post has quite a few screenshots form this episode, explained most of what occurred but check them out for all the smaller details I didn't get to.

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