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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shinigami-kun drama: episode 3 recap and screenshots

Main Cast:

Satoshi Ohno as Shinigami #413
Mirei Kiritani as Shinigami's supervisor, through 2 episodes she hasn't been called anything
Masaki Suda as Akuma, the Devil
Yutaka Matsushige as The Chief

Guest Stars:
Tokio Emoto
Hana Sugisaki

 An okay episode but not quite as good as the first two shows, like the first episode this one dealt with a young female who is about to die. This was also the first appearance of Akuma as the devil, he played a bit part in the second episode as a human who found Shinigami 413's death book, he also only had 3 days to live and has come back this episode as the devil but no mention has been made in this or the next episode as being a human who just died recently.

 Akuma as the devil can grant a human 3 wishes of whatever they want but once all 3 wishes have been granted he takes away their soul and naturally they also die. Kirishima is someone who ends up taking the 3 wishes, he's not a good looking guy and his first wish was to have all woman fall in love with him but the results aren't what he was expecting. Hana plays a young female who has been very sickly for a while, she has difficulties walking and many times she needs a wheelchair to get around but didn't use iti n this episode. She sadly has been told by Shinigami #413 that she only has 3 days to live, surprisingly she takes the news okay probably because she's so tired of living with her condition. 
 Hana ends up meeting Kirishima and though he is much older the two of them end up hitting it off well, he also can see the Shinigami because of his knowing Akuma, when you can see one of them you can also se the other one. So Kirishima knows that Hana only has a short time to live and he ends up staying her remaining days with her. Hana comes from a rich family but only has a mother, her father constantly works and is never at home and Hana would love to spend some of her remaining time with him.

 Along with Kirishima they fake a kidnapping and ask for a ransom hoping Hana's father will bring it so she can spend some time with him but her doesn't show and ends up sending his assistants instead. It looks like they are going to bring Hana back to her residence but Kirishima uses his second wish with Akuma so he can beat up all the assistants and it works as he defeats them and once again it's just him and Hana,
 It's getting close to her D-Day though, the two of them have a great time together but now she has less than one day to live. Her other wish besides the failed attempt to see her father was to also visit the sea and the two of them end up going there. However their car on the way there ends up breaking down and Kirishima has to end up carrying Hana there. He's in bad shape too as even though he was able to beat up the men who wanted to bring Hana back home he also got hurt really bad and because of that is unable to successfully carry Hana all the way to the sea.

 And this is when Kirishima has to end up using his third wish with Akuma, his wish is to have the power to be able to carry Hana to the sea and Akuma grants it but before they are able to make it Hana passes away. Because of that at least Kirishima's third wish wasn't granted but that also meant that Hana is now dead, kind of a sad one too as she never was able to make it to the sea nor see her father, one good thing at least for her was meeting Kirishima who did make her last few days a pleasant experience.
 And that really ends the episode with Hana ending up dying, like I said it was an okay episode but a bit boring, just nothing special about it. Not that much of the Shinigami nor his boss in this show either, kind of like it when their parts are bigger, they have a strange kind of relationship which is a bit funny to watch. Next episode is a much better show which I just finished and will be doing a recap of it tomorrow, meanwhile check out the next post that has a mega amount of screenshots from this episode, not all that much happened it seemed but still took so many pics from this episode.

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