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Monday, August 4, 2014

Erika Toda: "I Love You" 2013 UULA movie screenshots


Erika Toda as Chiho
Gaku Hamada as Yuuki
Nobuaki Kaneko as Togashi
Yoko Mitsuya as Meiko
Anne Suzuki as Yuuki's older sister

This short 51 minute film aired last July but just found a copy after a long search a few days ago. Naturally it wasn't subbed, some films/shows you can get away without subs but unfortunately this wasn't one of them. Really not going to give a review for it as I'm not sure exactly what happened in this movie, what I originally thought was the plot wasn't! But briefly Chiho(Erika) and Yuuki are a couple who spend the day at the zoo, on occasion they also spend time there with their friends Togashi and Meiko.
 There were a lot of flashbacks with Yuuki with another woman, I had thought she was his ex-girlfriend who traveled to the North Pole but actually it was his sister, thought he had picked up Chiho on the rebound. So really what happens is the pair spend the day wandering around the zoo and talking, think they were having some sort of problems but not sure what they were but it appears as by the end of the short movie those problems were resolved. A big part of the movie had to deal with polar bears, Yuuki's sister had gone to the North Pole to see them and there's a lot of flashbacks of her there with a polar bear. Seems as though Chiho also likes them as she visited their site at the zoo on a couple of occasions.
 And that's really all I'm going to say about the film, think if I tried to describe more of what happened it'd be wrong plus I really was at a loss of what was truly going on. The actual title of the movie was "Toumei Pora Bea", toumei can mean innocent or pure which I think was referring to Yuuki's sister and not Chiho, this was the first of three movies that aired on UULA, "I Love You" was the trilogy's name. Oh well, not  a lot of info here but was still glad I got a chance to watch it, been ages since Erika has been in anything and hopefully that will be changing soon, some screenshots of her from the movie and as usual or at least to me she simply looks too good to believe.

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