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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that #5

 This promises to be one of the biggest posts I've ever done, perhaps the biggest as far as pics go. Don't have a lot of one thing but as the title says a little of this and that. Let's get right to things then, just two mag spreads surprisingly and the first one is an older one too of Rina's from the June issue of Bomb.

 The more and more you look at Mai or watch her on one of their TV shows it's hard not to notice what a beautiful woman she is, this fabulous spread is from the October issue of Bubka.

 Mai has been a regular on the "Uma Love" show for just over a year now, it airs Saturdays on Fuji-TV, she wasn't able to be on this week's show but did a short prerecorded segment.

 The group on August 30th performed their final concert on their short 2014 Summer tour, say short as it only lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. Here some pics from the final performance which took place at the Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium in Tokyo, sadly Nanami wasn't there as she's missed their last few shows as she's really ailing form some allergic reactions she's had, the last 10 days she's been in the hospital twice so let's hope for a speedy recovery for my fave member.

 Here's a few promo cards for their 2014 Summer tour.

 Not enough of their "Nogizakatte, Doko?" shows have been subbed, what a shame as all of them are so enjoyable, much better than the AKB shows. Episode #116 which aired back in January was just subbed though and it was a competition between the members who split into 4 teams, Nanase and Sayuri's was called 'Team Manzai' as they practiced being ventriloquists for the show and did an okay job at it, they had trained for only two weeks before the show and had never done it before.

 And will end off with two things from the recuperating Nanami, these are a few Nogi46 cards I had missed from June.

 The group just celebrated it's third anniversary, all of them did a short video for the occasion. Here's the video for Nanami, can't post all of them as there's well 40 of them! One other bit of news for Nanami, along with two other members she's going to appearing in a movie coming out in December called "Three of ESP Research Department", have some info for it but going to wait for a bit more to come out before I do a post for the film.

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