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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saki Aibu: Last Doctor drama episode 2 recap and screenhsots

Start Date: July 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm on TV Tokyo

Main Cast: 

Saki Aibu as Kaoruko Yoshizaki, rookie medical examiner
Yasufumi Terawaki as Shinya Akita, veteran medical examiner who is training Kaoruko
Keiko Toda as Mieko Yamashita, another medical examiner
Shiro Ito as Shuhei Yanagita, immediate medical examiner supervisor
You as Ryoko Takeuchi, lab assistant
Ikkei Watanabe as Keiji Yamakura, veteran detective who works closely with medical examiners
Shu Watanabe as Keiji Ikeda, rookie detective who has the hots for Kaoruko

 Just finished watching episodes 2 and 3, said I'd be back after every two episodes with some recaps, first episode was over 90 minutes so that was like doing two recaps in one. An entertaining episode 2 but to be honest kind of a hard ending to fathom, did take a bit of an imagination to think of it.

 Another unexplained death case for the medical examiners Kaoruko and Akita to solve, like episode one looks like another murder occurred. This case dealt with a young man who crashed his car and the police thought that was the cause of his death but during the autopsy Akita noticed a small, thin puncture wound in the man's neck. He had no clue what kind of instrument could have caused that but one of the detectives said the would looked exactly what an ice pick stab would look like. So off are Kaoruko and Akita to look for an instrument that would have made the neck wound, Akita needs to find it for her thinks that's what caused the man's death, not the car crash.
 Also then if an instrument did cause the death then what also needs tobe solved who is the murderer? The list is small, actually the police just have one person on that list. Seems the deceased had many rows at his office with a co-worker who had suddenly disappeared shortly before the death, he was also a mountain climber who had an ice pick that could have caused the death.
  Akita though discovered the ice pick was not the right size and was not the cause of the man's death, no there was no murder suspect nor could they figure out what instrument could have caused the stab wound which by now the police also believed was the cause of the man's death. Via a freak chance, Akita and Kaoruko are dining at a fish shop when Akita notices how the fish are being cut up, upon examining the instrument an idea pops into his head, he now knows what caused the man's death but we nor Kaoruko know what that is yet.

 The pair head out to the beach at night, Akita was insistent that they both wear helmets, he still hasn't told Kaoruko what he was up to. Then he turned on the car's light as they were parked close to the ocean and before you knew it a flying object leaped out of the water and nearly killed Kaoruko but she was shoved out of the way in the nick of time by Akita. That flying object was a garfish, what happened was the the deceased man had dropped his watch into the water and pulled his car close to it to the ocean with the lights on to help him see. Appears that garfish are attracted at night by lights and can leap out of the water which is what happened to the man, their 'beak' or whatever it's called is quite long and sharp and that's how he ended up getting stabbed. He did manage to get into his car and attempt to drive to a local hospital but on the way there is when he crashed, actually he was dead before the crash.
 So once again our duo of Akita and Kaoruko solve a death case for the police, how Akita figured out the cause of death was by a garfish was a bit hard to believe but it was so unexpected it deserves a pass on being called lame. So two episodes down and it's been quite enjoyable so far, the drama sort of mixes seriousness, quirkiness and humor all together which is working so if you like a somewhat different show then you may like this one, at least the first two episodes have been quite good.
 Bit of a short recap so you can check out the next post for many screenshots from this episode with things that I may have not explained here, plus after that post is a recap of the third episode.

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