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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saki Aibu: Last Doctor drama episode 3 recap and screenshots

Start Date: July 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm on TV Tokyo

Main Cast: 

Saki Aibu as Kaoruko Yoshizaki, rookie medical examiner
Yasufumi Terawaki as Shinya Akita, veteran medical examiner who is training Kaoruko
Keiko Toda as Mieko Yamashita, another medical examiner
Shiro Ito as Shuhei Yanagita, immediate medical examiner supervisor
You as Ryoko Takeuchi, lab assistant
Ikkei Watanabe as Keiji Yamakura, veteran detective who works closely with medical examiners
Shu Watanabe as Keiji Ikeda, rookie detective who has the hots for Kaoruko

 Another enjoyable however it was a slight drop off from the first two shows, hard for every show in a drama to be top notch, there will always be a few like this but it wasn't bad at all, just not as good as the first two shows.
 The death this time that Akita and Kaoruko need to solve dealt with a woman in her late 50's who died one night on a park bench from acute alcohol poisoning, lying at her feet was an almost empty bottle of whiskey. The police once again want the easy way out and just want to write it off as an accident of a woman who just happened to drink too much one night. However Akita's autopsy has raised many questions making the original theory on how a death occurred wrong. The woman did die by alcohol poisoning yet Akita discovered her liver showed no signs of alcohol abuse, this woman may have drank too much to cause her death but her liver showed she wasn't an alcoholic or at least a current one.

 So if the woman wasn't a regular drinker why did she drink that night? Also the detectives discovered that the woman had taken out a 100 million yen life insurance policy with the money going to her daughter, it was strange she was able to afford to buy the policy as she wasn't known to have much money. Now the eyes of the police along with Akita and Kaoruko shift towards the daughter who had been estranged from her mother for some time now. At one time her mother was a heavy drinker who had abused and neglected her daughter growing up. Eventually the mother just left when her daughter was a teenager but she was able to overcome many obstacles and now was a successful broadcaster.
 The last time the two had seen each other was a little over a year before the mother's death, the mother had visited her daughter one night in a drunken state. She was there to bum money off the daughter who refused to give her any but during that incident the mother discovered her unmarried daughter was pregnant. The daughter was engaged but she wasn't going to get married until her fiancee finished his college studies which was going to take close to another year. She kept the pregnancy from him but before she could abort the baby she had a miscarriage, so he knew nothing of it and they were going to get married in October, present time for this drama was July.

 After learning of the pregnancy the mother had a sudden change of life style, she got rid of all her alcohol at home and stopped drinking completely. She used that money she would have spent on drinking to buy the life insurance policy, a year later once it was paid off she thought to herself what's the sense of living anymore. So that's when after a year of not drinking she went to a park bench and proceeded to polsh off a bottle of whiskey, after such a long break from drinking that's all it would take for her to die. Also it explained why her liver showed no evidence of alcohol abuse as the mother hadn't drank for over a year, so case closed thanks to Akita once again. Though he solved it he nor Kaoruko had a big enough part in this episode, mainly we saw much of the daughter and flashbacks of the mother, perhaps this is why the episode wasn't up to par as there wasn't enough screen time for the two leads.
 Akita solved the case again for the police, the two detectives aren't a bumbling pair but so far their contributions in solving the unexplained deaths have been very minimal. Then again it seemed Akita and Kaoruko didn't do as much solving this time around, things just sort of fell into place and the case was solved, another minor point why this episode wasn't quite as good as the first two. So far this drama would rate an 8+/10 but I'm sure it'll rebound a bit starting with the next episode. Will be back with another look at two episodes soon, the 4th show has just been subbed so once the 5th episode is done will give them a watch. Next post has many more screenshots from this episode, unlike the previous recap though think I explained just about everything that happened in this show.

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