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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nogizaka46: Nanami Hashimoto "Bad Boys J" drama screenshots ep's 1-4

Not going to give much of a review for the drama here, perhaps I will when it's finished. Really just watching this series because of Nanami, actually not taking too many screenshots nor having to do up a review and just watching a drama is something I don't do too often, kind of like just kicking back and watching a show. Of course when Nanami comes on the screen it's a different story, wish there were screenshots but her role is just medium sized, episodes are 22+ minutes and she probably appears for about 5 minutes.
 Very briefly the drama is about a bunch of gangs in Hiroshima, the show focuses around one gang more than all the others and that gang is called "Gokuraku Cho". And most of the series is focused on one member who is the newest one and was installed as the leader right off the bat. The new leader of "Gokuraku Cho" is Tsukasa and the main reason he ended up joining the gang is that he has a huge crush on a waitress who works at the local cafe, her name is Kumi(Nanami). Tsukasa is too shy to speak to her and ask her out but one day he sees her being bullied by the gang leader of "Gokuraku Cho" and though he appears to be a bit of a weakling he stands up to the leader to protect her.

 Tsukasa isn't a weakling and beats the leader who was much bigger than him, he figured Kumi would fall head over heels for him then but here was one problem.... the leader wasn't bullying Kumi, he was actually her brother. But by beating the leader Tsukasa was recruited into the gang and was made the leader immediately. That all took place in the first episode, episodes two through four all had the same theme which was a gang kept appearing to defeat "Gokuraku Cho" but though they're a small gang none of them could beat them, not even Hiroshima's largest gang "Beast".

 That's enough of a recap/synopsis of what's happened for the first 4 episodes, as I mentioned just watching this for the enjoyment and so far it's been an okay watch, have no clue what's going to happen or how it's going to end up. But of course the main reason for the watch is because of the fabulous Nanami who looks so, so kawaii in this show, wish she would appear in another drama as she was in two of them back in 2013 but nine since though she does have a movie coming out next month. Enjoy these screenshots, the drama is 12 episodes so will be back with two more posts for episodes 5-8 and 9-12.

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