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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yuko Oshima: "Teketeke" movie recap, screenshots and trailer

 Release date: March 21, 2009   Running Time: 70 minutes    Director: Koji Shiraishi

Main Cast:

Yuko Oshima as Kana
Mami Yamasaki as Kana's cousin
Mai Nishida as Ayaka
Ikkei as Utsumi

 Small cast for the movie or least for the main characters as you may notice, this is the first "Teketeke" movie and part two was released on the same day with an entirely different cast, haven't seen nor found that movie. Going to make this a quickie, there's a few other good reviews of the movie out there which are worth reading plus this was a short movie and really can't say all that much happened nor was the story complicated which should make this recap short. Also as of late I'm trying to watch dramas and movies for the enjoyment of them, too often taking so many screenshots and writing a recap I don't fully enjoy watching whatever it may be.

 Main reason and perhaps the only one is that Yuko had the lead role in the movie, she did a solid job in the film though it wasn't an award winning performance, most roles in horror films aren't award winners. Briefly this is a 'horror' movie about an urban legend, not too much horror or frights in the film though the beginning and ending of the movie were both excellent, middle was more of a teen drama in a way.
 Yuko plays Kana who is a senior at high school and at the beginning of the film had never heard of the urban legend called Teketeke, it's named that as that's the sound victims here just before they're attacked. One night Kana and her best friend Ayaka were walking home when they had a spat about a boy who Ayaka really liked but however the boy Utsumi had his heart set on Kana. After their brief spat Ayaka went home a different way leaving Kana by herself which was a huge mistake on Ayaka's part. The urban legend starts when you cross over railroad tracks at night and you hear the sound of the Teketeke behind you. If you turn around at the sound that'll be the end of you as the monster or whatever you may want to call it brutally kills the victim by cutting them in half! And that's what happened to Ayaka after she split with Kana, there's no running away once you've turned around. Actually though you can escape from the Teketeke by simply running away which is tough to do but if you manage to flee before you're cut in half you have only three days to live, the Teketeke will eventually catch up to you.

 Running away is what Kana tried to do as she saw the Teketeke one night as she was placing flowers at the site where Ayaka was killed. She has just three days to live but didn't know that until she teamed up with her older cousin who somehow had also seen the Teketeke and like Kana was able to escape, now the pair were on a mission to somehow save themselves..
 Through much investigating Kana and her cousin found out quite a bit about the urban legend which started in 1948 and who knows how many lives had been claimed in 60 years. The urban legend was a woman who had committed suicide after supposedly being raped by an American soldier. The young woman had been a virgin and her red blood had spurred her on to decades of killing as anything associated with red made her attack a victim, how this went on for so long without everyone knowing about it is a mystery. Kana was told that the Teketeke's grave stone had been tipped over many years before, setting it back correctly should lift the curse that was on Kana and her cousin.

 The pair repaired the gravestone and when the Teketeke appeared it seemed as though the pair were safe and were not going to be attacked. However Kana's cousin accidentally cut herself, the red blood oozing out was noticed by the Teketeke and before you could blink an eye she cut right in half, that scene was really the most 'scariest' of the film. Kana then tried to call for help but do you know, the phone she tried calling on was red and she was soon the target of the Teketeke. However Kana soon realized why she was about to be attacked and quickly discarded the phone thus saving her live as the urban legend soon disappeared.
 For the most part the film ends there except for a brief scene halfway through the credits as it's now a year later and we see how Kana is doing which is not too well. After seeing her cousin cut in half she's gone a bit a bit crazy and won't leave her room for fear of the Teketeke, a visitor tried to give her a box of candy however the package was a red one and Kana freaked out badly at the sight of the red package as the movie ends. As I mentioned haven't seen or found the second film but perhaps it continues on from that final scene, really no clue but will keep looking for the film as this was an okay watch.
 An okay watch for sure, little slow in the middle but the beginning and ending were both really good plus Yuko looks pretty darn kawaii in the film so would rate this an 7.5/10, don't think it's worth many repeat views though. Think if you've seen movies like both Locker films, Noroi the Curse and other low budget horror films then you'd probably like this one, no classic but still a solid watch. Have a few more screenshots of Yuko for the film here followed by the film's trailer, also the next post has a huge amount of screenshots from the film.

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