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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shinya Shokudo: Season 3 episode two recap and screenshots

 Start Date: October 21, 2014 on TBS/MBS, Tuesdays at 1:11 am

Main Cast:

Karou Kobayashi as Master

Karou is the really only main character in the series but there are many guest stars who pop have popped in and out for the first two seasons, this time around some of the guest stars will include Jo Odagiri, Jun Miho, Yutaka Matsushige, Ken Mitsuishi and many, many more.

 Really can't give a good explanation about why I enjoy this drama so much, it's very slow and to be honest a bit boring at times yet it that unexplainable something which makes you want to keep watching it. Obviously others must enjoy the show too or else it wouldn't be in it's third season, first season was the best by far though and highly recommend viewing ot if you haven't.

 Going to try to give this recap in one paragraph or two small ones, the episodes are short at about 22 minutes each and not all that much happens in them so will attempt to explain enough though very briefly.
 In this show like all the others it focused on one customer who came into the Master's small restaurant, sometimes the episodes focus on a pair of people. Hashimoto was a manga artist and one who an editor thought had great potential and was pushing and promoting his works. However that early success kind of fizzled out quickly and no matter what Hashimoto wrote it was rejected at his publishing company. On the show it didn't seem as though he really enjoyed creating mangas and was doing more for the potential glory and money, think his priorities had changed which really affected the quality of his mangas. Hashimoto had also quit his part time job leaving him with no income and he was totally reliant on his girlfriend who he was living with. However she wasn't happy with the way his life was turning out and though she doesn't want to break up with him it just may turn out that way. At the episode's conclusion Hashimoto was ready to give up on his dream of being a  manga artist, however he was given some advice as he was leaving the Master's restaurant from another artist who had been in his shoes a few months prior and now looks like he was going to get his big break, will the advice be enough to keep Hashimoto's dream alive?

 Kept the recap to one big paragraph and though small that really covers almost all that happened, just left out some of the minor details. Didn't talk about the Master at all but his role was bigger than in the first episode, the shows are always better when we see more of him. Episode 3 aired earlier this week and after this post have another short recap for that show. It is hard to describe this show or what really makes it a solid watch, it's one of those dramas you need to watch as it's a bit hard to say what it is about this series that has viewers wanting more, perhaps we'll even see a 4th season.

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