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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Erika Toda: June 2015 happenings #2- "Yokokuhan" movie premiere pics

 The spin-off drama to the movie "Yokokuhan- The Pain" started today but haven't found a copy of it yet nor have seen any pics from it. It airs on WOWOW and it's harder to find the videos from their shows, have found a few here and there but for the most part it's difficult finding them and if you do they're never, ever subbed. Will keep a lookout for the series though and if you happen to know of where to get it just let me know in the comments section.
 Erika's last film "Kakekomi" came out on May 16th and has done better then I expected at the box office finishing in the #3, 5 and 6 spots for it's first three weeks out. Think this movie is supposed to do better and wouldn't be surprised if it finished at #1 in it's first week out.
 On June 6th the film premiered at the TOHO Cinemas in La Scala, what I'm surprised and disappointed about is that once again there's no video of one of her events, have no clue why as almost all these major premieres are covered. Hopefully one will come out but have some simply jaw-dropping pics of Erika from the event, she truly is looking better than ever!!!!


  1. I watched episode one earlier. Erika doesn't show up in episode one, and I'm not sure if she'll even show up at all, as this seems like a prequel to the movie, but I'm not entirely sure.

    I watched it raw/unsubbed on a Chinese streaming site, and I highly doubt it will be subbed. My Japanese isn't the greatest, but I was able to follow the story fairly well. I can give you the raw below.


    (This is AKF, btw. Just going by a new name.)

  2. Thanks for that info, wonder why they wouldn't have her appear on the show especially when she was at a press conference for the drama last week. Actually may not watch it then if she's not in it but let me know if she does appear in it, will satisfy my Erika cravings though as I just got her 'Miracle Zoo' TV movie which aired back in April.