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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Erika Toda: "Yokokuhan: The Pain" drama episode 3 screenshots

 Thanks to illuu-sama who offered to send me this episode but surprisingly found it at Asia-Torrents, sorry there was no need but thanks just the same. 
 Really not going to be much of a review, one reason is that it wasn't subbed but it was still somewhat easy to follow though there's no doubt I probably missed too much of the small talk. Another reason and a really good one too is that Erika will also appearing on the 4th episode, perhaps even the finale or least I'm hoping so. Erika played a special detective named 'Erika(!) Yoshino', the one bad thing about this episode was that she didn't appear until a little past the 18 minute mark of the show which lasts for 48 minutes.
 Her detective character is one that was just assigned to a special unit trying to find out who the cruel beast that hands out death evil sentences to those who he thinks commits pain, his is only worse. That person is a judge and somehow no one can find out who he is, not even by his voice nor can they find out where he's transmitting his videos from. Kind of glad Erika will be in the next episode as there were quite a few questions left unanswered, it seems as though she has a lead on who the person is but we were left hanging on what steps she's going to take.
 Just skimmed through the first episode and skipped the second one, may have helped watching them to find out a bit more of what's happening in the series. Next post on this drama should be a bit more informative or perhaps if she's going to be in the final show will wait until both have aired until I come back with a better recap. The 4th show aired tonight and it should be easy to find, that site mentioned above has all of the episodes and it almost seems as though it may be subbed but not holding my breath for that to happen. Lastly here's the main reason for watching it and all you viewers who are checking this post out and that's for the magnificent Erika who looked, uh, er, well there's really not one adjective that hasn't been used to describe her, wowowowowowowowowow!!!!
PS- If there's anything wrong with my deductions feel free to let me know what's wrong or if I missed any key things in the first two episodes.

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