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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nogizaka46: The Erika Ikuta post #1

 Trying to expand these Nogi posts a bit to include more solo ones for the members. Have already done quite a few for Mai and Nanami, few days ago did one for Kazumi. Think sometimes a member may get overlooked in the group posts so will be trying to do more of these in the future, least for my fave members.
 And a fave member is something Erika wasn't for a long time, never disliked her but just didn't like her all that much. However in the last 1/2 year that's certainly changed as she's rapidly moved up on the 'fave list', it's not an official list but if there was one she's solidly in the top ten. To me Erika has really blossomed in the looks department since she turned 18 which happened in January, hopefully them this will be the first of many posts. Like the other solo posts will have some pics that have already been posted but also have held back a few pics to include in this post. First off are two mag spreads that have already been posted but like I mentioned sometimes those mag posts are so huge it's easy to overlook a member, this set is from volume 63 of Flix.

 Other mag spread is from a special Flash! 'Best of' issue that came out in May.

 Though this is just the first solo Erika post not going to go too far back in time, only going to have 2015 pics in the posts. She doesn't update her blog as often as other members too but a few recent ones and those first two pics are exceptionally good.

 On June 16th the group appeared at a promo event for 7-Eleven which has a tie-in with the group's next single such as free cards and other promo things, pics from the event.

 Last set of pics here as I don't use up too many of them yet but there will be a few more solo posts coming up very soon. On June 28th the group had it's first screening for their "Documentary of Nogizaka46" which is being released on July 10th, Erika to me looks so alluring, whew!

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