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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Korean drama "Signal": episode three recap and screenshots

 Air dates: January 22 to March 12, 2016 on tvN  Average rating: 8.8%

Main Cast:

Lee Je-Hoon as Park Hae-Young
Kim Hye-Soo as Cha Soo-Hyun
Cho Jin-Woong as Lee Jae-Han
Jung Hae-Kyun as Ahn Chi-Soo
Kim Won-Hae as Kim Gye-Chul
Jang-Hyun-Sung as Kim Bum-Joo
Lee Yoo-Joon as Jung Hun-Gi
Jung Han-Bi as Oh Yoon-Seo

 So far, so good as the saying goes for this series. These two episodes weren't as intense as the first two shows but the story seemed to be a bit better. One thing I'm liking is that the stories aren't being drawn out, through four episodes there's been two very old cases solved which keeps my interest level high. Think I'll make this a regular feature of the recaps which is starting off with a pair of
Hye-Soo pics, her screenshots don't do her justice but she is a fine looking woman.

 This second case started in the last episode, thanks to their cunning ability a foursome was made up to solve cold cases. Then again the new unit was created because by solving a previous fifteen year old crime this foursome made the superintendent and his associates look bad by arresting the wrong suspect. Now the unit isn't just responsible for solving cold cases but ones that have been around for a few decades.
 We left off the last recap with the unit trying to solve a serial killing spree which took place in 1989, this drama takes place in 2015. Every episode the we see more of the conversations with Park who is in the present and Lee who is currently living in the year 1989. Lee unknowningly helped solve the first case, he's not aware that he's talking to someone in the future via his walkie talkie and who would believe him if he told anyone.
 Park has informed Lee about where the eighth victim will be found which is along some train tracks. Lee heads to the location on the date of when the murder may take place, he hears a skirmish and rushes to the spot. There he finds Lee Mi-Sun who was the eighth person murdered by the serial killer, to his and our surprise she's still alive. So now officially she isn't the 8th victim and Lee was able to nab the suspect who was named Choi.

 Lee was able to bring Choi back to the station where he was to be booked for attempted murder and possibly for the previous seven killings. Before they were able to officially charge him Choi had a seizure and died at the station. At first the police didn't know what to think but then word came in there was a murder that took place when they were trying to book Choi, there was an eighth victim of the killer after all.
 What happened was when Lee Mi-Sun was saved everything about her in the future changed. On the records her name mysteriously changed from murdered victim to attempted murder victim. But besides the records everything about her changed whether it was newspaper articles or how people remembered her. But one person remembered exactly what happened and that was Park, he's at a loss on what happened to all the records, even the unit chief Cha's memory changed on the incident.
 But now Park has a bright idea, if he tells Lee about the remaining two murders can the past be changed and those killings won't take place? Park tries to beat around the bush and tell Cha about how he can communicate with the past via walkie talkies, she of course doesn't believe him but then again she doesn't dismiss what he says either. So once again Park tells Lee about another impending murder, this will be the ninth one. Lee is a bit suspicious though of Park, there's no one on the force by that name plus how does he know about the murders unless he's involved in them.

 Park's plan to change the past starts off well as he was able to convince Lee that he wasn't involved in the murders and where to stop the next killing that would take place. But before that could take place there was a huge development in the year 2015 which may be the reappearance of the serial killer as another person was murdered with the same M.O.
 The woman's name was Jung who was remotely involved in the case from 26 years ago. Back then when Lee had arrested Choi he had nabbed the wrong man, the real killer was able to hop on to a bus. Lee worked that out and even his supervisors who were looking down on him for arresting the wrong man believed his theory about the killer hopping on a bus. But the driver said no person had gotten on the bus at that location, he wouldn't change his story which was actually a lie.
 We know it was a lie and so did Jung who was on the bus at the time. She worked as an attendant for the bus service and saw the suspect get on the bus. Now that there are no more statutes of limitations in Korea the original serial killer seemed to be getting antsy which is why the Cold Case team thought she was murdered. This murder took place in Gyenoggi so their force, to the dismay of the Cold Cases team, takes over the murder case.

 Cha informed the team though they're not stopping their investigation of the killings from 1989, just the murder of Jung. There will be much more about her in the next recap as she ends up being such a key figure in finding the true serial killer.
 Back to Park and his communications with Lee. They always take place at 11:23 pm, at that time the walkie talkies work between past and present for about five minutes, no other time of the day can Park talk with Lee. Park has told him the details of the next victim and to Lee's dismay it was a woman he really cared for who was Won. She worked in an office and he knew her slightly but was always too shy to ask her out.
 Won knew of his feelings but she herself could never take the first step in starting a relationship. Now for Lee back in 1989 it was a race against the clock to locate Won and possibly stop her murder. The answer to that will be coming in the next post, lot of questions arose this episode and all of them did get answered in the fourth show.

 Hopefully things didn't sound too disjointed, realized I was starting to talk about some events in the fourth episode as those two shows blended in so well together. The public was starting to take a liking for this drama, first episode received a rating of 5.14% while for this show it had risen to 8.23%. The ratings really zoomed up in the second half of the series. Check out the next post for episode four's recap where almost all of the questions about the crimes in 1989 and 2015 are answered.

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