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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanami Hashimoto post' #67.... the 'Nanamin series' part two- 2013(?)!

 Well, perhaps if someone was a bit more active then there would be a few more posts.... then again, she could be sleeping it off after having too many of these....

 Am a bit surprised at how quiet Nanami has been, figured with her graduation coming up she'd be busier than ever. She still hasn't given any definite plans for her future so it'd be perfect time to build that bank account up just in case things don't work out too well at first. That just got me thinking, wonder if when Idols graduate they get any kind of royalties? They don't write the songs but maybe things like photobooks or syndicated shows they may get a few bucks in their pocket, really have no clue on that.
 Still a few things to clean up for the years 2013 and 2014, most were done in their 'singles series' but there's still a few happenings that I couldn't fit into those posts. But at first will be concentrating on older Nanami things, this is the second post for 2013 and would think there will be at least one more. That first post had her Nogi cards from January to April, ones here are from May to August.

 Don't think I've posted these two mag spreads, about 98% certain they haven't but if they were it had to be done three years ago and who wants to search through 280 Nanami posts. Then again scrolling through all of her posts is highly suggested(!), from the August edition of UTB.

 Most mag spreads back in 2012-13 were group ones, the members hadn't hit the high level of popularity they're at now. Will try to see if there are any more solo sets but the other one for today is from Young Jump #29.

 Know for the next oldies post there will be plenty of concert and promo event pics. Hadn't planned on doing this but for a change while posting have a Nogi CD playing and thought they deserved a post. However there have been zero happenings for the last few days hence this post but who can ever get tired of ones featuring Nanami?
 Hopefully the answer is zero and if you've read this far then zero is the correct answer. On June 8th she was joined by two other familiar members at the 'June Bride Festival' that was held in Tokyo. Mercedes-Benz and the Nogi Shrine(!) also sponsored the event and if memory serves me well the trio were also at the 2014 festival. Not too many solo pics from the event but there is a video after them that is definitely worth viewing.

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