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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Korean drama "Signal": episode four recap and screenshots

 Air dates: January 22 to March 12, 2016 on tvN  Average rating: 8.8%

Main Cast:

Lee Je-Hoon as Park Hae-Young
Kim Hye-Soo as Cha Soo-Hyun
Cho Jin-Woong as Lee Jae-Han
Jung Hae-Kyun as Ahn Chi-Soo
Kim Won-Hae as Kim Gye-Chul
Jang-Hyun-Sung as Kim Bum-Joo
Lee Yoo-Joon as Jung Hun-Gi
Jung Han-Bi as Oh Yoon-Seo

 Should be a shorter recap than the previous ones even though many questions were answered. The case was solved by the fifty minute mark of this episode, most of the the remaining 14 minutes consisted of flashbacks. Perhaps that happened because there wasn't enough time to introduce the next case for the Cold Cases unit, have no clue what's up next but am fairly confident it'll be another interesting case for the team to solve. As mentioned in the above post will be adding in a few pics of Hye-Soo in these recaps who to me is one knockout, a bit older but still....

 If anything sounds a tad confusing would recommend reading the previous recaps as I'm not going to be talking about the what happened prior to this too often. Park has informed Lee on who the next victim in 1989 and it's a woman Lee really adores who is Won. Lee searches frantically for Won but is unable to find her in time, when he does locate her she's been murdered and as far as the police know she was the last victim.
 One major clue which came up last episode by Cha is that all of the victims were found near the Bus 95 line. Back in 1989 the driver of that bus had been interviewed about an incident but had lied at the time when he said no one had gotten on to the bus after an attempted murder. Now it's 2015 and the driver whose name is Lee Chun-Goo is a suspect in the killings. Jung was a woman who had worked for the bus company back in 1989 and she knew Chun-Goo had lied about letting anybody on the bus as she was on it at that time.
 Jung also saw the murder of Won and she now knew who the real serial killer was. But she kept her mouth shut for fifteen years as she blackmailed Chun-Goo into giving her money until the statute of limitations ran out. But what Jung witnessed wasn't Chun-Goo doing the murder but his twenty year old son Lee Jin-Hyung. He was supposedly disabled and couldn't work, quite often he would ride the bus all day with his father.

 Hard to believe Jin-Hyung was disabled back in 1989 as he was the serial killer of ten women, there's was zero wrong with him physically. His father would do anything to protect his son which is why he paid Jung blackmail money for fifteen years. But now that the statute of limitations no longer exists for murders Jung is back to her dirty ways and tries to get more money from Chun-Goo.
 Her greed was her demise as Chun-Goo invaded her apartment and murdered her with the same M.O. as the serial killings from 1989. But there was a slight difference which Park noticed, though the Gyenoggi force thinks the killer is back Park doesn't. The Gyenoggi precinct ends up arresting Chun-Goo for being the serial killer and that premature arrest will come back to haunt them.
 The Cold Cases team had been first at the scene of Jung's murder and were able to take a piece of evidence from her apartment. Shortly after that Park was able to find out that Chun-Goo had a paralyzed son in the hospital, he wasn't disabled at the time of the murders but is now. Cha went to the hospital to question him but before she could do much Jin-Hyung was able to grab her from behind from his bed and attempt to strangle her.

 Park arrived at the hospital but he wasn't needed as Cha was able to subdue Jin-Hyung. Park checked his neck where he knew there would be a scar if he was the real killer and of course the scar was there. The team did some DNA work and found out the scar had been done by one of the previous victims, the unit now had enough to charge Jin-Hyung as the serial killer of ten woman from 1989.
 All this was unknown to the superintendent of the force as he was about to speak at a press conference announcing Chun-Goo as the serial killer. As he started to speak Cha rushed into the conference and showed him the evidence which was that the real killer was Jin-Hyung, his father had only killed the blackmailer Jung.
 That infuriated the superintendent and he let Cha run the press conference. She did a superb job in explaining to the press what really happened back in 1989, once again her superiors were left with egg on their face. This case is now officially closed but there is one major event which we didn't know about and that's how Jin-Hyung got paralyzed, how did it happen and when because if he was in that state could be have committed the murders?

 Back in 1989 Lee had slowly worked out the connection between the bus line and the murders. On his last call to Park he was informed that the driver of the bus Chin-Goo wasn't the killer but Park wouldn't tell Lee who the murderer really was. He had to do that as Lee was so worked up about Won's murder he would have killed Chun-Goo or whoever the real serial killer was. Lee ended up going to Chun-Goo's house and was about to pummel him for the killing.
 Right at that moment out of the house came his twenty year old son Jin-Hyung. Lee recognized the hoodie he was wearing, it was the same one the attempted killer of the eighth victim wore. Lee chased Jin-Hyung who had fled and was eventually able to trap him on the roof, only the arrival of Chun-Goo which saved Jin-Hyung's life.
 As he tried to flee once again Jin-Hyung ended up tripping and was hanging by his fingertips on the roof with a hundred foot fall if he let go. Lee was about to save him and grabbed his hands, he thought for a moment on that and in his rage about Won's murder let go of Jin-Hyung's hands. He proceeded to fall to the ground which is how he became paralyzed and because of his state was not a suspect in the killings. Chun-Goo refused to go to the police and admit what his on had done, back in 1989 Lee's hands were tied on what to do and as far as we know he did nothing as he had no evidence.

 As you can see Lee may have had the evidence to arrest Jin-Hyung but the police didn't have DNA or other methods available back then. For the most part the episode ended there, there were many flashbacks of Lee's life back then but don't think they had anything to do with the story. One thing that may come up is the relationship between Cha and Lee back in those days, it's been hinted at but unsure if the two were a pair or not but have a feeling the answer will be yes. If so Cha would love to talk with Lee on the walkie talkies but is unaware of the conversations between Lee and Park.
 As mentioned above the reason for that long flashback scene is that there wasn't enough time to introduce a new case which I'm sure will start off the fifth episode. If you've read all these recaps then I thank you, hope these last two made sense as my mind was kind of muddled for some reason and also got confused as I started combining the third and fourth episodes.
 Will stick to the plan on watching two episodes a week so should be back next week with the next two recaps. Also may do some Japanese drama posts too between now and then as I need to finish up the "Cabasuka Gakuen" drama, also thinking of starting a new Korean show titled "Missing Nine".

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