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Monday, January 30, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode eleven recap and screenshots

 When there's zero to post about others Nogi is someone I can always fall back on, glad I didn't watch the last two episodes for season seven until today as it may have been another day off. As you can see this was the group's Christmas show, as with most of this season's episodes it was only so-so but enjoyable enough. For no good reason Nanami wasn't on either of the last two shows which means she'll never make another 'NOGIBINGO' appearance as she'll have graduated by the time season eight starts, no word on when that will be. A truer word has never been spoken........

 Misa was the assistant MC for this season and think I may enjoy next season more when she isn't. The episodes focus on members and not the hosts so we didn't see enough of her though she did look beyond fabulous dressed as a Santa in this show.
 Title of this show was 'Nogi Santa' and many members played out a skit from requests that viewers sent in. That's also the theme for the next episode but it wasn't a Christmas show. Besides the members dressing up in Santa outfits it wasn't too much of an X-Mas show, really just a regular episode. Mai was up first to answer a request and there were 2,341 that were sent in for this show and would have thought the number would have been higher.
 The requester wanted Mai to be a newlywed for him and to act out a skit of him coming home. May have been more interesting if they requested her doing something else as she was cooking a meal for her new husband(just a camera) for when he came home from work.

 To me Kazumi is one of the hottest members in the group but do admit she doesn't act all that feminine. Neither does Ayane and the requester asked that both of them act cute for a change. Both tried with Ayane doing a better job at it though not overly convincing. Even if Kazumi can't act cutish she still makes my heart flutter, one reason is that she has a very deep Chiba accent which has been the highlight of many shows. What makes it good is that she can laugh at herself though at first it wasn't that way as there was an episode in season two where Nanami made her cry because of the way she talks.

 This next short segment featured Chiharu and was the most interesting to me. The requester asked to see Chiharu on campus, didn't even know she was a student. Well she is and she's in her second year at Meiji University where she's majoring in literature or least I think she is. The camera couldn't go into the classroom but we heard her in French class and sounded like she knows the language well. The Idol career isn't a lifetime job so nice to see her planning for when it ends.

 Two more requests to go and the next one asked to see Sayuri drunk!!!! Don't know why they asked her to act that way but she had explained that she's not a drinker but once her and a few of the other members had a girls night out where she became a bit tipsy. Perhaps she mentioned that on an earlier show or on 'Nogizaka Under Construction' which is why she was requested to act a bit drunk. She did a passable job at it but think she held back a bit for obvious reasons.

 The last skit featured Hina and Nanase, was confused on what the theme actually was as it didn't seem there really was one. Think it may have had to do with telling another person they wanted to spend Christmas with them, if so it flunked horribly.

 The last request was to hear the gals singing, Ami was first up and did a short rap tune as she seems to really be into that genre, the other members like to make fun of her for that. Few other members joined in from their seats and have those screenshots at the bottom. That finished up this show, like I mentioned it was so-so and it seems too many shows this season weren't as interesting as prior seasons. All are worth a watch but seems as though too many ideas are being recycled. Many more screenshots here and the next post has the finale for this season.

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