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Monday, January 30, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season seven episode twelve recap and screenshots

 Not the best of 'NOGIBINGO!' seasons but it did end on a strong note as this was one of the better episodes. Don't know why this wasn't another Christmas show as it aired less than two weeks before the holiday but like episode eleven it was a request show. What was different was that it was the member's requests and not ones from the viewers, title for it was 'Unfinished Business'.
 Up first was a very enjoyable performance from the trio 'Miraculous '95 Unit'. It consisted of Mahiro, Marika and Rina and thought the name referred to them all being born in 1995. That's not the case as Marika was born in 1996 and she looked ultra kawaii in her outfit. She'll be turning 21 on February 20th and have never done a solo post for her. No good reason for that as she barely missed making my top ten fave list, think she was 11th so expect a few posts soon for her b-day.
 The trio did an old Pink Lady hit called "S.O.S" and they did a superb job with the tune. They did talk about how their parents are all Pink Lady fans who were huge in the seventies so it makes sense they would be fans as they were probably in their twenties at the time.

 Another segment that featured Kazumi as she also had one in the last show. Since her photobook came out in September we haven't heard enough from her but all members usually have quiet times. Then again Nanase never seems to as she was teamed with Kazumi in this skit as they wanted to meet some very cute felines. They were cute but think the Nogi pair beat them in that department but the segment was only so-so like most this season. One reason could be because they're so short, shows are only twenty minutes long so hard to give skits like this five or more minutes.

 Last episode Chiharu was in the best segment, close this time but no cigar but it did prove to be the most interesting one. Very informative too as she was teamed with Asuka and the request they wanted was to visit the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. Naturally they didn't go there but did it in the studio with some very good pics of the flats added in.
 Uh, looks like someone took the wrong turn at Tokyo....

 Chiharu seems to be a very intelligent woman, bet her Nogi income is helping pay her way through Meiji University. I had never heard of Uyuni but checked it out and it's a very interesting place which you may want to check out too.

 This year's assistant MC Misa had the next request and she wanted a voice actress battle. Joining her was Minami, Sayuri and Yumi who did some voice overs for the "Minashigo Hacchi" anime which aired in 1970-71. The judge was a voice actress named Shimoji who really can do an excellent anime voice. Only saw two minutes of the anime but it had to do with a kingdom of bees battling a hornet who wanted to take it over. My advice to the four would be not to give up your Idol jobs.

 There were two more skits but didn't take screenshots for the final which featured Karin as a weather person. Thought the requests had ended and didn't feel like going back and taking them but she did an okay job.
 So the final one for here had Yuuri who is among my fave members and is finally a Senbatsu member for the next single. With her in this too short skit was Miona who really has been blossoming lately, she's another one who finished high on my top ten list. The pair dressed up as Gyarus which means can mean girls, ones who are very fashion conscious and sure you've seen many of them. Both gals looked quite seductive, especially Yuuri but Miona seemed to fit the image better.

 Made it through the entire season and for a while didn't think that would happen. First six episodes were so-so at best but the remaining shows seemed much better, to me the first two seasons are still the best. Sure there will be an eighth season but haven't heard any news of it yet, would think it'd be starting right around when the group's 17th single will be coming out. No date on that yet but it'll probably be at the end of March or beginning of April and it'll be the first one without Nanami who I'm still surprised didn't make an appearance on these last two shows.

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