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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #18 and much more....

 Remember when this utterly sultry pic was posted, mentioned at the time that it could be the top one from any '46' member this year!

 But there was one irate Keya gal who wasn't pleased with that opinion, seems to me that person may be all words and no action....

 Though I was only passed out for two hours(like many of you) that comment wasn't just all talk as she has a pic from a new mag spread to back up that claim, on then to check it out....

(Fourteen hours later the paramedics have revived Nao) Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp.... looks like someone can back up their words, it appears as though that selection for best '46' pic for the year may have to be sent back to the judging committee.... wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!

 An event has happened which all reading this are pleased about, think I'm totally speechless.... got that way too from checking my cold water bill. The words are starting to seep back into my tiny brain, still can't fathom the pic we've just witnessed.

 Just 37 days until that first photobook is released, hope the few pics we've gaped at are just the tip of the iceberg. Two members will be having a PB but a few others also deserve one with #1 on my list being Akane. As a matter of fact today is kind of special for her as she's celebrating turning twenty, no acknowledgement from her about the day as she didn't do a blog entry nor was there a buildup for it. Not sure why, will ask tonight as her massive 'I've finally come of age party!'.

 On to today's spreads which total three but there's a few other new happenings after them. Next year will do a top ten list for the Keya members, just weren't enough that were twenty or older this year but there will be 24 who will be that age next year if you include the Hiragana members. One Kanji gal who is twenty and who may should finish in my top four is Nanako, she's such a fun and intriguing gal plus to me she also looks A++. This super duper set is from a special Flash edition titled 'Platinum'.

 Enjoyed the first two episodes of "Re:Mind", was going to do the next recap on Tuesday but there is a chance it'll be done before then. It stars the Hiragana members and a few of those gals are featured in the December edition of Men's Non-no.

 Final spread is a continuation of the above pic of Neru's, bet many fans are shocked at what they saw but there's no denying what a stunner she's turned into. In case you've burned a hole staring at the pic here it is again with a few others from this superb set from the November 24th issue of Friday.

 Whew, gasping for breath again. Keya members are like their Nogi counterparts, some work hard at their blog keeping it updated with many pics and info. Then there's the others who do a random post a few times a year. This pair are among the ones that do a solid job at it and once more we have some Nanako pics as who can ever get tired of her. You wouldn't think that Rika would update her blog often but she does to an excellent job at it, 23 days until her first PB is released.

 Here's something different and it's from a pair we need to see together more often. Pics here are of Minami and Yui I. from a new Natalie interview, it's for the DVD release of the latest 'Shinchan' anime movie and think it's the 25th in the long running series. For the interview the pair talked about how long they've both been fans of the character, well before they were five plus they gave their thoughts about the latest movie. There's a short promo video you can view after the pics plus here's the site address if you want to read the interview: natalie.mu/eiga/pp/shinchan_movie02


  1. (Breaking News: A man who had woken up from a coma one hour ago has now gone back to it 5 minutes later with a broken laptop on the floor.)
    I prefer the polo shirt one but that's up for the court to decide, I'll call in Yoo-Bum to turn it into my favour.
    'Shinchan' pffft they're missing out if they haven't met with the King of Games!(Yugioh)

  2. Sigh, wasn't even five minutes later. How do you know they aren't experts at more games unless you've played them(hmmmm), that pair may not be Nanako seems like she's the Queen of them besides being #1 in the group at being an anime, manga and Nao fanatic.

  3. So...she's MY Queen?!?! :)
    They are experts at breaking my heart💔 to them that's a game in itself...TT