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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nogizaka46: The massive Yumi Wakatsuki post!

 Haven't had a Nogi marathon day for such a long time, today won't be one but this is the first of three posts for the group. Only the second solo post ever for Yumi, the other one only consisted of her 2016 group cards. Yumi is someone I do like but with so many Nogi members it's easy to overlook some of them, she's just okay looking and at least to me she doesn't really stand out in a crowd.
 However do know she does have some fans, some Nogi members are so popular with the male fans while others are that way with their female followers, think Yumi may fall into that second category. But with her first photobook just being released perhaps she will attract a few more male fans.

 With those bottom two pics would think Yumi would attract many, many new fans. Have a bit of a lot of things today and most if not all are happenings to promote her first photobook. Yumi over the years has been one of Nogi's better bloggers and her entries are mostly interesting, these pics are from the last two weeks.

 Yumi hosted last night's 'Showroom', wanted to post the video but the quality of the one on YT is quite poor. These then are some behind the scenes pics from the show.

 Yumi has appeared in many spreads over the years but not that often just by herself. With the new PB coming out that's changed as there's four solo sets but by this time next month sure she'll be sharing the sets with other members again. First off is this collection from the November edition of Bomb.

 A real rarity is Yumi appearing solo on a mag cover, don't know if it's ever happened. This many be her first one the and it's from the November 16th issue of Young Jump.

 Nice set here but too small with only four pics, these are from WPB #47.

 Final Yumi spread is another one promoting the PB and this is from the November 24th Friday.

 Title of Yumi's first photobook is "Palette", it was released on November 7th. The pics for it were shot in Spain during the Summer, Yumi did mention how sweltering it was. Sales though haven't been that hot but it may be too early for that determination. First day sales were 4,900+, because of the date it came out only one day was included on the Oricon charts. The sales figures come out on Thursdays so will let you know how it fared in it's first full week.
 As mentioned Yumi may not have a lot of male fans which could affect sales. But there's also there's a glut of Nogi and Keya books coming out in a span of six weeks, would have been much smarter to spread them out and bet sales would have been better if it was released at the beginning of October. Events usually help sales and there was one on the 13th at the Fukuya store in Shinjuku, Yumi seems like a likable enough gal so I'd like to see her book be a success. Plenty of pics here from yesterday's event followed by a short video which I hope stays on YT for a while.

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