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Saturday, November 18, 2017

"While You Were Sleeping" drama: episode 28 recap

 Air Dates: September 27th to November 16th on SBS, airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, two episodes per night
 Rating(Nielsen) for the this episode- 9.6%

Main Cast:

Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-Joo
Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan
Lee Sang-Yeob as Lee Yoo-Bum
Ko Sung-Hee as Shin Hee-Min
Jung Hae-In as Han Woo-Tak
Shin Jae-Ha as Jung Seung-Won
Bae Hye-Sun as Son Woo-Joo
Hwang Young-Hee as Yoon Moon-Sun
Park Jin-Joo as Moon Hyang-Mi
Kim So-Hyun as Park So-Yoon
Lee Yoo-Joon as Oh Kyung-Han

 That's a nice rating for this series, for it's entire 32 episode run it only broke the 10% mark once, that'll end up being the third highest rating figure. Let's get right to the action as the previous episode finished on another semi-cliffhanger, actually that's been the case for the last three shows and the next two are like that.

 This has the most suspenseful ending to date, most of the show revolves around Yoo-Bum but lets get to everyone else first. Jae-Chan and another prosecutor who is Lee(above) have been assigned to re-investigate the serial killer case from three years ago. Jae-Chan's assistant Choi was the investigator on the case with the prosecutor being Yoo-Bum. There's little doubt that some evidence had been tampered with which is a huge reason the case needs to be investigated again. Jae-Chan is having trouble keeping an open mind and he feels Choi would never do anything like manipulating evidence, Lee thinks those thoughts could hinder the new investigation and is right.
 Two recaps ago mentioned that I thought Woo-Tak was color blind and we learned later that he is. Hong-Joo had no clue he was but discovered it early on in this episode. She had left her phone in his squad car, Hong-Joo told him it was red but he gave her back a green phone, that's when she realized the problem with his vision. Not sure if it'll have any impact on any future developments and don't know why it was made an issue in this episode. All of the main characters we'll see off and on but the the last twenty or so minutes of the show featured everyone's favorite corrupt lawyer, Yoo-Bum!!!!

 If you read the previous recap you'll remember that Yoo-Bum had been getting text messages from an unknown person. They didn't start off threatening but their tone has gotten much more severe and Yoo-Bum is slowly panicking at what this person knows. Up until now all of us, that includes the characters in the show, have thought the serial killer was a man. He hasn't been officially cleared yet but it appears as though Myung, who was the man convicted of killing eleven people, is innocent. Even if he is cleared everyone still thinks the murderer would be a man. Yoo-Bum has received one more message from the unknown person, they want to meet him in private at 9:00 pm in his office.
 That middle screenshot above is the person everyone has been wondering about and what a surprise it was for Yoo-Bum when he met her. The woman's name is Ha Ju-Won and she's the exact same age as Yoo-Bum which is 34. Both are evil people but she's got a huge edge on him as she can claim eleven murder victims on her resume. But besides the eleven that the authorities know about Ju-Won had also killed an additional eight people at a different hospital which wasn't discovered until a few days ago in the series. All of the victims had been patients at a hospital and were killed via an IV. When the show started out it was just before Valentine's Day 2016, now it's June 27th.

 That prosecutor was Yoo-Bum who had tried and convicted Myung of the murders committed by
Ju-Won. She's very grateful to Yoo-Bum for what he did and never once was her name mentioned as a suspect. Need to watch myself a bit, watched the following episode where all of the details about her killings were revealed and don't want to explain them until the next recap.
 Not sure of what was going through Yoo-Bum's mind when he was listening to Ju-Won's confession, on one hand if she keeps her crimes to herself he's safe. But she's been giving him some subtle threats and her quote was if something goes wrong with me then the same goes for you. So that other thought of Yoo-Bum's is that her having something on him means Ju-Won can control his life but she never comes right out and says what she wants from Yoo-Bum.
 Ju-Won knows most of the devilish deeds Yoo-Bum has done though don't know she gathered all of the info. The convicted serial killer Myung who we now now is innocent was framed by Yoo-Bum. Myung had an office at the hospital, think he was a janitor, where the eleven were killed and at the time of the killings Ju-Won was also a patient there. Choi had done his job properly and took into evidence some vials from Myung's office. That's a big plus for Choi, he is a likable chap and seems he had no part in the tampering of the evidence.

 Ju-Won has Crohn's disease, she had been in and out of the hospital for years as there's no cure for it. She eventually became so jealous of the other patients who would go to the hospital, get cured and go back to their regular lives.  Ju-Won became so irate that she began putting a drug into their IV tubes  which paralyzed their breathing and usually within five minutes that person would perish.
 Still can't understand why Ju-Won has sought out Yoo-Bum, she did say she wanted him to be her lawyer but for what? She also could have visited him because she heard about the case being
re-opened, perhaps Yoo-Bum did know something about her involvement with the murders. But they both agree it's too late now for her to confess as Myung has committed suicide, his family has been torn apart and it would make Yoo-Bum look like the bad guy. Back to the original investigation, after the vials were taken from Myung's office Yoo-Bum realized there were no drugs or poison in them.
 So here's where the tampering came into play as he secretly made sure the vials tested for the drug that killed the eleven patients. The media pressure at the time was quite intense and they were asking is Yoo-Bum incompetent? That was a huge reason for putting some of the drug residue into the vials and Ju-Won knows all about it. Her threats about exposing him are increasing and really getting to Yoo-Bum who looks as though he may explode. He flees from his office and heads outside of his building to cool off when he noticed something which may turn the tide back to his advantage.

 While he was outside Yoo-Bum saw the above notice at his building, it said the power would be turned off at 8:30 pm the following night. Also above is Hong-Joo getting a message from Yoo-Bum, she's doing a story on the re-investigation case. Yoo-Bum says he'll meet with Hong-Joo to give her all the info he has on the case.... tomorrow at 8:00 pm!
 That middle screenshot is of Jae-Chan reading a letter from Choi, it's a letter of resignation. Choi stated emphatically that he did no tampering on the serial killer case but even so it'd be better if he resigned as Jae-Chan's assistant. Jae-Chan doesn't accept the resignation and he put Choi on leave, we'll learn all of the facts about it in the next recap.
 There were three people who knew the truth about Yoo-Bum's tampering with the evidence, Ju-Won has taken care of one of them who was her underling Yoon-Pyo. He was the young man who tried to get her phone back, he's now her twentieth victim. But Yoo-Bum sneakily tells Ju-Won that there's one other person who knows about his evil doings who is Hong-Joo. He tells Ju-Won that he invited her to his office the next evening, he's hoping Ju-Won will once again work her magic with the drug.

 Probably not doing the drama justice detailing these events but this truly was one suspenseful ending and the show has only a little over two minutes to go. Hong-Joo arrived at Yoo-Bum's office the following night, you'll see above that Yoo-Bum drugged her coffee to knock her out. At 8:30 pm the power in the office building did go out which added to the suspense as it began raining along with severe lightning, the way they filmed it made it such a creepy scene.
 As the show ends we see Ju-Won on the roof of the Hae Kwang Law Firm, with her is Yoo-Bum who is carrying an unconscious Hong-Joo. This is the exact location Hong-Joo has dreamt about so many times, it'll be a first if she's a victim in one of her dreams. But could there be a knight in shining armor to save her? That may be the case as Jae-Chan has also had the same dream of Hong-Joo but from a different angle.
 Also they both thought that the incident took place on a mountain, if you look at the scenery above it has the impression of one but is just a city rooftop. That's where this show ended up at and we all know that Yoo-Bum is such a heinous person but never thought he'd go this far.

 That really was one creepy ending and the conclusion to that scene which takes place in the next episode is also very intense. As mentioned in the first of these four posts will have the final four recaps and if all goes well will have them on Monday, need to view three more episodes and then write up the recaps. This has turned into such a thrilling series and without a doubt it'll be my #1 of the year as I highly recommend it.


  1. Ep25: Woo-Tak learned a lot from when he got his butt whooped, I'm proud.
    Ep28: Woahhh this guy m8 (Yoo-Bum) he's something I tell ya, look at him, holding his beloved in the rain.

  2. As you have no doubt seen the recaps for shows 29 and 30 are done. If you think those Yoo-Bum's pics here are something, they are, check out one of him in the recap from episode 29. There's 41 screenshots, pic #27 is my all time fave if his and it's of him smirking as Hong-Joo is getting her lethal injection.