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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2017' #19....?

 Most of these top twenty posts will be fairly huge with a chockful of pics. Some though may be a bit smaller and think this may be one of them but then again there are over fifty pics, need to lower my standards a bit. There just aren't too many pics for new happenings, that happens often with faves like Airi as I do try to keep 100% updated with all of their activities.
 In September and early October did quite a few C-ute posts, should have held some pics back. But as mentioned there are many pics for today and think about forty are brand new for here. This one isn't new and forget if I've done a 'pairs post' for this duo, will check and if not expect one in the future. Honestly am not going to do many spoilers yet this is the second post in a row where there will be one, think you can expect the MBWITW  😖 to end up in the top five.

 Airi hasn't made any of the lists up until now, she's someone I've always liked immensely but seems that intensity has really increased this year. It helped that I was watching two C-ute concerts a week, they are such a fun group to watch live and Airi has such a stage presence about her. In a way this is what could be called a 'lifetime achievement' selection, she's a top twenty all time Idol so she needed to be on at least one list. But due to C-ute's disbandment there hasn't been many recent events for Airi, she's been in the entertainment since she was eight(!) so think she's taking it much more easy though she's not entirely silent. Grrrr, how do we get rid of the Pacific Ocean?!

 Airi has a radio show that began on July 6th called 'Airi's Potion', she's also a semi regular model for Ray but have never seen her at any fashion shows representing them. These are a few pics from their site, she used to have a weekly feature which ended a while ago. Tough question at the top, they look so different yet....

 Airi mentioned many months ago she would be starting on her solo music career in 2018, that's good news as she's been my fave vocalist for a while. Some don't care for her voice but to me it's been the best in J-Pop the past five or more years. For you Buono! fans this will be start of a couple of good days, if you didn't know besides C-ute Airi was also a regular member of that group.
 Hopefully tomorrow will have a post or perhaps two for the 'Ring of Curse" aka Gomennasai movie from 2011. The trio of members had the starring roles but two of them have been killed off, it's a 90 minute horror flick and have viewed the first 58 minutes. Been an okay watch so far though nothing that's made me hide under the bed.

 The film came out at the end of October 2011, there was a premiere and about three screenings or events for it. Kind of hard finding older pics for those events plus it was a low budget thriller but will work on getting more pics for a possible post.

 Least if you're an Airi fan you can look forward to many more posts Have another C-ute DVD to post screenshots for and think it's their last swimsuit video, all of them have been filmed in Hawaii. Have skimmed through this one which was released in 2016, the members all look so much better because of how much older they are. Here's a few screenshots to whet your appetite.

 Airi like the other C-ute gals never had an Instagram account while in the group, don't think they were allowed to. But since the group broke up four of them have accounts, by far Airi posts more pics than anyone and think there's a few familiar faces in these recent ones.

 Whew, after viewing that top pic thought I missed another b-day but it must have been an early celebration as it won't be taking place until December 1st. As far as birthdays go here's some cards for Airi's 23rd which took place on April 12th and it may be her final batch of H!P cards for that occasion and don't think any more C-ute cards are going to be released.

 Looks like we're close to the end of the second top twenty post and it ended up being much bigger than I expected. Wasn't prepared to do this post tonight as I had wanted to review the "Ring of Curse" film but hadn't finished watching it and there just wouldn't have been enough time. But then again bet most viewers preferred looking at many alluring Airi pics, she's no example of a voluptuous gravure model which to me makes her more attractive, she has more of those next door neighbor looks.

 One final thing which was a nice discovery as I was scrolling around YT and found this. Scandal has been one of my fave J-Rock groups for many years though do profess I enjoy their older music much more though they're still a solid group. For Halloween 2016 Airi joined the quartet on stage, seems like they could have used more practice but it's a fun watch and C-ute also did a mini concert which I'll have in their next post.

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  1. Wish she was my next door neighbour :(
    Woah flashback when taking a closer look at the 'Ring of Curse' pics...but I still remember nothing of what happens. Good thing you're doing a review, it will give a jolt to my memory. Quite a few unforgettable faces here, wouldn't need a jolt here.