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Saturday, November 18, 2017

"While You Were Sleeping" drama: episode 27 recap

 Air Dates: September 27th to November 16th on SBS, airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00 pm, two episodes per night
 Rating(Nielsen) for the this episode- 7.7%

Main Cast:

Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-Joo
Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan
Lee Sang-Yeob as Lee Yoo-Bum
Ko Sung-Hee as Shin Hee-Min
Jung Hae-In as Han Woo-Tak
Shin Jae-Ha as Jung Seung-Won
Bae Hye-Sun as Son Woo-Joo
Hwang Young-Hee as Yoon Moon-Sun
Park Jin-Joo as Moon Hyang-Mi
Kim So-Hyun as Park So-Yoon
Lee Yoo-Joon as Oh Kyung-Han

 Dramatic ending to the previous episode which carried over to this one. What's baffling is that
Jae-Chan hasn't been able to put two and two together to figure out what role his assistant Choi has played in his life. Won't go into the details as most were explained in the above recap but Jae-Chan is a sharp witted guy, after this event with Choi saving his life how can he not figure out or have more questions on who his assistant is?

 In the ambulance Jae-Chan did ask the correct question which Choi skirted answering. But we have learned that Choi is a fourth person who can dream of the future, his dreams feature Hong-Joo as he had seen this fire in a recent one which was how he ended up at the scene saving the pair. Have a slight inkling that Hong-Joo is aware of who Choi is and what link he has with her past, she may be keeping it a secret from Jae-Chan to see how long it takes him to figure it out. There was one other puzzle about Choi arriving in time to save them, that's how did he know they arrived separately?
That was a question that Hong-Joo had, there were no answers for it yet but it is one that does arise again in a later episode, us as viewers know more about things than the characters do.
 As had  Choi made it to the fire in time there were no serious injuries and Jae-Chan was back at work the next day. It's time for some serious investigating but the question is where to start. The USB had the pictures of nineteen people in a hospital, eleven are confirmed dead by the serial killer who had murdered them via an IV. But what about these other eight people, the pictures of them were also taken in a hospital so the questions are who were they and are they still alive?
 These small mysteries always seem to get solved and usually it's Jae-Chan who does it. Once again  he was easily able to make a difficult case that much simpler as he found out the identities of the eight plus what their outcomes were. Sadly those eight people from the USB are also dead and from the method that the IV serial killer used. They had been overlooked as the eight had been at a different hospital but also because of one other huge reason. Those eight had died after the serial killer Myung was arrested, were these eight killed by his accomplice or by a copycat killer?

 More of Hee-Min in this show so all is right with the world, also Hong-Joo is now working full time on the arson and re-investigation cases for her SBC station. The arson case was about what had just happened to Jae-Chan and Hong-Joo, he wouldn't be allowed to work on it as he was one of the victims. But to me that'll help the prosecutor's office out more as Jae-Chan is so good with investigating and the older serial killer case has been re-opened.
 Jae-Chan's supervisor Park is still a bit steamed at Jae-Chan for finding out facts from a case ten year before. Some of the events in it weren't pleasant for the office and much of it may have been Park's fault. So although Jae-Chan is helping out a bit on the arson case it has to be on his own time, think this may be Park's way for getting back at Jae-Chan for his discoveries in the decade old case.
Jae-Chan and another prosecutor who is Lee are assigned the serial killer case involving eleven victims. They need to go through every file as there could have been mistakes done by the prosecutor's office in the original case and to possibly find clues on who the person responsible for the other eight deaths is.

 Choi is now a dependable worker for Jae-Chan and as he proved by saving his life Choi does care about him. However Choi was the investigator in the original serial killer case so won't be allowed to work on the re-investigation. But at one time Choi wasn't always this good guy, when Jae-Chan had first started at the prosecutor's office he was working as Yoo-Bum's mole. As we've all seen throughout these shows Yoo-Bum is such a huge expert in the legal field but usually does many devious and illegal acts to win a case.
 Choi had been his assistant during Yoo-Bum's time as a prosecutor, he knows what shady things were done to win a case and he may have done a few on his own. Choi has turned over a new leaf but will his past come back to haunt him? It may but least for now Jae-Chan has his back and think if it's possible he'll be keeping some of his findings about the serial killer case to himself.
 That's Woo-Tak above and his role has diminished a bit over the last few episodes. He had a small spat with Jae-Chan about Choi, Woo-Tak tells him just because he's Jae-Chan's assistant that doesn't mean he shouldn't be trying to uncover what role Choi played in Myung's conviction. One thing I picked up on in the last episode was revealed and strangely was right about something again.
Woo-Tak is color blind, somehow he passed that portion of the exam when he was trying to become a police officer. That could be the grounds for his dismissal from the force, his partner Han has known about the condition but his lips are sealed as the pair do make for an excellent team.

 Little over halfway through and it appears Yoo-Bum will be having a lot of screen time from here on out. That's a big plus as he has been the most interesting character to date and so much of the plot has revolved around his shady activities. Such as Jae-Chan re-investigating the serial killer case from two(?) years ago, had a ? as I think it happened then but Myung hadn't been sentenced until a little over a year ago, after 27 shows my mind is becoming a bit hazier about older events....
 Above is the despised Yoo-Bum, least to the other characters and many viewers but I like his role better than anyone else in the show. One morning as he arrived at his office he received a pair of text messages, seems as though someone is watching him but they must be hiding. Those above messages are harmless but think the sender just wants Yoo-Bum to know he's being watched. For now
Yoo-Bum isn't flustered but that will soon be changing.
 That night Hong-Joo went to a local convenience store to get some medicine for her mother. The clerk at the store was Dae-Gu, the son of the convicted and now dead serial killer. He knows who Hong-Joo is but she has no idea who he is as he begins to badger her about the trial. She had been the SBC reporter covering the trial and really had come down hard on Dae-Gu's father, especially after the conviction and all of his anger for her and the other reporters finally came out.

 To the rescue was Jae-Chan who just happened to stroll into the store. But it wasn't by accident as he had come to tell Dae-Gu that he would be re-investigating his father's case, there's some things which don't add up and perhaps the father didn't commit the murders. I'm thinking he didn't but there must have been some reason Myung was a suspect or else why would he have gone to trial, also positive Yoo-Bum forged some of the evidence but that was after the arrest.
 Those messages Yoo-Bum is receiving have increased, the sender seems to know much about his life such as that he was wealthy enough to have a driver. The sender said they were around the same age yet he was too poor to afford such a luxury. Yoo-Bum is now getting a bit worried, he can't spot any person in the crowd who is sending him messages and he's looking quite uncomfortable. He heads to his office where the receptionist tells him he has a visitor, now panic sets in as Yoo-Bum thinks it may be the sender of the messages, is he here to hurt him?
 Answer to that was no as it's Hong-Joo who has paid him a visit. She informs Yoo-Bum that she's doing a story about the serial killer case and that Jae-Chan is re-investigating it. He doesn't show it but Yoo-Bum is becoming a bit frightful about what's happening around him as he has no control over it. Hong-Joo had asked him about some of his activities during the trial such as why did he leak to the media certain details of the case when he shouldn't have?
 There was no answer to that before Hong-Joo took her leave, Yoo-Bum's evil doings from years ago are now coming back to haunt him. Hong-Joo may have made an appearance to throw some fear into his life and it worked. As the show comes to a close in the lobby was Dae-Gu who overheard that conversation, don't think he's been the one sending text messages. He had brought back a green umbrella that Woo-Bum had left in a men's room about five episodes ago. That green umbrella could be playing a part soon as Hong-Joo had dreamt of it, it's the dream where she was lying hurt on a rainy mountain side and it didn't appear as though she would survive.

 Suspenseful ending and the intensity level over the last two episodes has really picked up. There was a lull for a while, all of the cases and events have been interesting but those first eight or so shows packed much more action and fierceness into them. Five more recaps to go and you can view the one for episode 28 in the next post.

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