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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves for 2019'- the FINAL preliminary edition part one, positions twenty to eleven

 As the title says this is the final preliminary post leading up to to this year's 'Top Twenty Faves' list. Will take a brief time out as I forgot to compile today's list from twenty to one!

 Am back and it didn't take me too long. Actually almost every position changed save for spots two and eleven though the changes weren't too big. The rules are simple to be eligible for the list, if you've forgotten them here they are again.

1) You can't be in Nao's 'Hall of Fame', that affected two who would have made the list and they would have been Erika T. and Nanase.

2) You have to be 21 in age to be eligible, that affected two faves. The rule is now you have to be 21 to be introduced but grandfathered in a few gals who had many posts.

3) Final one is you needed six posts since December 1st to be considered for the list. That's only a post every other month and figured if you couldn't manage to do that then it's a no go for a fave regardless of how much I like them. Sadly that's the case for Mina who is above, she has four posts and there's no way she'll have two more in the next few weeks. She is one of my all time fave Idols but decided there's going to be no exceptions to the three rules which weren't difficult.

 That's Miyu above who didn't make the age requirement. That's okay as she'll definitely be on future lists and to me in another two years or so she'll become my #1 hottest gal of all time and she may already have that honor. Have had a few comments that so and so should be higher but just want to point out it's a yearly list and not an all time one for faves. I agree with a few comments but one key factor is being busy and not just appearing in mag spreads.
 That probably hurts Idols more than any others as for now there's just four on the list, way too many of my bigger faves have graduated the past few years. Keya and Nogi members do stay busy but can't say the same for '48' members as only one will make the list, there's many I like so much but have to admit they do so little these days save for mag spreads but I can get bored just posting those. Really do like SKE members more than any other J-Pop group but as hard as it may be to believe Mina is the only one to have more than one solo post this year.

 For this final preliminary listing am just going to have nineteen faves, will leave the last spot blank for now though there are six who could fill those positions. The reason for that is that there's four faves who just need one post to qualify and I really want to see them becoming eligible and that'll mean some truly though competition for the final spot(s). Above is Akane who I really like immensely but she needs one more post, could see her finishing around sixteenth.
 The other person is Yui I. who this past year has become such a fave of mine, especially since she left Keya. She also needs one post which should happen as she was just at an event over the weekend but not sure where she'll finish if she makes the list. There's two others who need one more post and the posts for everyone need to be done by November 20th when I plan on starting this year's list. After these two sultry pics have the list starting from position nineteen. Actually there's four sultry pics as two are for Nashiko who I hope to have a post for this week which would make her eligible.

#19.... Rena Takeda, new to the list

 Never have included Rena on any list I've ever done. Do like her quite a bit and very few have had as many posts as she has the past two years and if anything I probably take her for granted. Maybe not any more as she did announce she would no longer be doing gravure spreads which I'll believe in a year from now but will still always do posts for her. She does have one final gravure pictorial from WPB-Net that came out today and will be posting it over the weekend

 #18.... Miru Shiroma, 18th on the previous list

 No change as she's been right around this position from the beginning. Miru is a perfect example of what I was talking about above as she's done very little this year save for mag spreads but least her sets are truly second to none. Just can't understand why we don't see '48' members do more activities such as events or CM's, could devote a whole post to those thoughts.

 #17.... Minami Wachi, new to the list

 New as I didn't realize Minami now has seven posts this year though two were for 2018 pictorials. She very well could be my number gravure model and she's more than just a jaw-dropping woman as she also has a degree from Meiji University, also may have the prettiest face of any gravure model.

 #16.... Miona Hori, no change from the last list

 Funny how there's so many faves of mine whose name begins with the letter M, there's four in a row from 18 to 15. Miona's second photobook is coming out early next year which is such a shame as had it come out next month she just may have made the top ten. She may have been that high some months ago but has had just one solo post since July though she could still move up a spot or two.

 #15.... Park Min-Young, 15th on the previous list

 Just three Korean actresses will make the list and there's at least twenty of them I'm really into. But 2019 has been such a quiet year for almost all of them, not just from appearing at events or in magazines but also being in dramas and films. Min-Young is always somewhat busy, she hasn't had a post since early September though am working on one now but may save it for the actual list. We should be seeing more of her as she has a drama beginning early next year.

 #14.... Jin Ki-Joo, eighth on the last list

 Without a doubt my biggest disappointment on the list. At one time Ki-Joo was fourth but has dropped like a rock as she's done virtually nothing for the past three months while those that passed her have been very busy. To me she could be the best Korean actress plus the most underrated beauty on the list, I am dying so badly to see more new pics of her. Bottom two pics are from the "Secret Life of my Secretary" drama which may be my #1 series of the year.

#13.... Riho Yoshioka, tenth on the previous list

 Can't think of a good enough reason why she dropped as Riho has been busy and still looks so darn good. But do admit I've been kind of missing her gravure spreads as she's one of my all time models doing those kinds of pics but she still has plenty of time to move back to the top ten.

 #12.... Ayaka Miyoshi, no change from the last list

 She just had a post two weeks ago but that didn't affect her ranking. Don't think Ayaka will be moving from this spot though she is one of the hottest gals in the world. My one complaint is her not appearing in enough dramas, just two the past four years. But she does have a film coming out in February which means we should be seeing so much more of her.

#11.... Mio Imada, no change from any list

 Yes, no change from any list as she's been eleventh for all four of them. That's good and bad as she hasn't dropped but at least four faves have passed Mio who I like tremendously and is someone I've been able to post about often. Can't give a great reason why she hasn't moved but the top ten this year is the strongest one to date. Have to say she is Hot with that capital H, whew!!!!

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