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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Miyuki Watanabe: Another blast from the past with such a mega fave....

 Know we all have different kinds of women who we think is the hottest of all time but for the years 2014-18 Miyuki had that honor to me. Then she kind of slipped back a spot or two, not that she didn't look as alluring but after her NMB graduation she was AWOL for close to two years and had kind of forgotten about her. But she's been much busier the past ten months and will have to say that Miyuki has reclaimed the position of being the hottest, sexiest and seductive gal of all time to me. Her older pics always made my blood boil but not like the new ones you'll be viewing today, whewwwwwww!!

 Did a Miyuki post back in July that was good but didn't have many new pics save for a few promo ones for her third photobook. It was mainly talking about her first solo album "17%" which came out in April, the album did fairly well as it hit #11 on the charts. But that had only been the second post for new happenings in the past two years as when Miyuki left NMB she was forbidden to do any activities such as releasing new songs and I think appearing in mags as she had zero spreads until very recently.

 What Miyuki has also been doing besides now having a solo musical career is to produce new J-Pop groups, she had one group that was formed in 2018 though don't think they were too successful. She's created a second group called Ange et Folletta which has performed a few recent shows but she wasn't on stage with them. To promote the group and also her own upcoming musical activities Miyuki did a September interview with the Oricon site.

 Another interview took place in November with 'TheTV.jp' site.

 Before I forget Miyuki turned 26 back on September 19th, if you don't hear from me the next day or so you'll know it's because I'm watching the stack of DVD's I have of her! She has an upcoming concert at ZEPP Tokyo in March with two other J-Poppers, hopefully can have another post around that time with more details. She did hold a pair of X-Mas shows last month in Osaka and Tokyo.

 So let's get to the enchanting new pics and all are guaranteed to make your heart beat out of control which they've certainly done to me! On August 23rd Miyuki released her third photobook, she had two while with NMB. Don't recall the exact details but it did well sales wise as it was in the top ten for best selling books for three weeks. There was also a mini preview E-Book of it that was released, these are the pics from it and the bottom two are Miyuki's best pics ever which is really saying something, wow wow wow wow.....

 The December issue of Spring was the first time Miyuki had done a gravure spread in over three years, they feature pics from the PB which are almost as good as the above ones.

 Will end off with this ultra captivating spread that's from the January 28th issue of Young Champion and think it's the first time she's been the cover girl in close to four years. No video from the photo shoot so will go back in time to 2016 with a Miyuki video for a different Young Champion spread, she has so many fabulous gravure videos on YT that need to be viewed.

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