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Monday, April 27, 2020

Nogizaka46: 2020 Magazine scans #11 plus the usual assorted goodies....

 In spite of this slowdown there really hasn't been a slowdown as far as posts go. Last April there were sixty posts, this is the 54th one for this month and seeing as how there will be another 3-4 before the end of the month the total will roughly be the same as last year. Beginning of the week seems to be the slowest part of the seven day stretch so once again will be taking a day off which will be tomorrow so will see you again Wednesday night. No new Mai pics for this post so decided to begin off with her and what an underrated alluring woman she is. Few members lately have had a second photobook, why not do us fans a favor and let her have a second one too!?
 Bit of a spur of the moment post, over eighty new pics which surprised me but didn't have time to work on something else. That's of Sayuri's graduation which became official today, she did make an announcement about her time in Nogi on last night's 'Construction' show. Won't be any kind of massive farewell as she wasn't one of my top members but will work on some sort of tribute to her for an upcoming post. Speaking of their 'Construction' variety show it appears there's no more episodes that haven't been aired and for a while they'll be having some 'special' shows that have highlights or whatever from the past.

 Sales of everything from singles to albums to photobooks have really decreased this past month and every week seems to be lower. But Manatsu's second PB sold fairly well last week as over 13,000 copies were sold, it was #1 again on the charts and has sold 51,000+ after two weeks.

 The second episode of "Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!" has been subbed, it's a six episode drama that was supposed to be a lead in for the film coming out on May 15th. Supposed to be as the film has been postponed due to the health crisis in Japan and there's been no date set for when it'll be released. Once the third show has been subbed will begin recapping the series, have skimmed through it and what a fun show this appears to be. It's based on a manga and anime, have heard the drama is quite different than those and one reason is because it's much shorter.

 Minami stars in the above drama and as I've said so many times would love to see her have a photobook, she's just 21 but to me looks a few years older. These are new pics from the With Online site for a Nogizaka OL campaign, there used to be a few other members also involved with that campaign but they haven't had any new pics for many months.

 For the past four posts have been including many of the group's 'NogiKoi' cards that are promos for their mobile game. Have been featuring more of the lesser known first or second generation members who don't appear enough in these posts. Minami will start off and really can't say she's not included in these group posts as she's had well over a hundred pics in them so far this year. Following her is Sayuri who certainly isn't a lesser known member. But she hasn't been in a mag or done much the past few months so thought I'd include her today.

 Always feature a quartet of members which means there's two more to go. First off here is Miria who I've really liked over the years, she's a second generation member who I don't think has gotten a fair shake from management and she's only been a Senbatsu member once which is such a shame. Final set belongs to the departed Yuuri who graduated last July and she's a member I truly miss. She's Nogi's most underrated sexiest gal and I was smitten with her from the first second, she was always such a highlight on the old 'Bingo' shows.

 Last Nogi post had about twenty pics of Rena from the new issue of Marquee which was sort of a 'greatest pics' pictorial for her as there are over sixty pics. Not sure why as she hasn't announced a graduation but may soon as she did graduate from college a month ago. Have another set of twenty pics and will have one more set in the next group post.

 Asuka is the cover girl for the new issue of Big Comic Spirits and surprised the spread isn't much larger. You'll notice on the cover it's dated for May 11th and 18th, that's because many magazines are doubling up on their issues as they may not be able to do as many photo shoots these days. It also means there will only be an issue every other week and hope that doesn't slow these posts down.

 Could have called this a 'little bit of this and that' post as there's only three spreads and this is the final one. Mizuki's first photobook is still in the top ten for sales which is why I haven't posted the pics from it, once it drops out will have a post as it's one tremendous PB and sales are to date are about 155,000 copies sold. She's the cover girl for the new issue of Weekly Shonen that's dated for May 6th.
EDIT: Also have Yuki's stupendous photobook and will be posting the pics from that too. But as is the case with Mizuki's PB will be waiting until it drops out of the top ten for sales. Have been warned before about posting photobooks and it''s not worth posting the pics too early. After the spread have a longish Nogi video for Asahi dry beer, posted one of their CM's before but this one is much longer and is really a fun watch. It's Nogi's first time promoting a beer and naturally it features the older members.


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