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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2020 #10....

 Good thing we have Nogi or it may have been two days in a row without a post which hasn't happened this year yet. There is a post below this one but don't think it would have been done if not for this one. The slowdown continues and is actually getting much worse as many mags are now doubling up on issues, noticed a few more today are doing that. What I mean is that weeklies will now have an issue every other week, monthly mags are now putting two months together for an issue. But usually can whip up posts when there's not many new things, do have about seven posts semi done but with no new pics they've been that way for a while now.
  At the top here is naturally Yuki, mentioned in Nogi's previous post that I do have her new photobook but will be waiting until it drops out of the top ten for sales before posting the pics. Last week it was the fifth best seller and to date has sold 173,600 copies. These pics are ones you've never seen from the PB but most of the best pics you've viewed in previous posts so when the book is eventually posted it could be anti climatic.

 Lot of pics for today which are brand new for here, possibly eighty again though some are oldies but I'm kind of thankful we can do any kind of huge posts these days. May as well continue on with Yuki who is an exclusive model for the Bis magazine, these are some superb new pics from their site.

 Been a bit disappointed with Miona's latest activities or should I say lack of them. Her second photobook is coming out in exactly four weeks and it's the PB I've been looking forward to more than any other one. But there's been no new mag spreads or many other things to promote the book, do like to have her pics in solo posts and there's only been one in the past three months. Sure there will be some mag spreads coming out soon for the PB along with more promo pics for it but hope they're not released at the last minute plus there won't be an event for the book.

 Soon will be recapping the "Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken" drama that stars this trio of members, have skimmed through the first two episodes and am looking forward to watching the entire shows as it really looks like a fun and wacky series. However the movie the drama was a tie in for was postponed as ti was scheduled to come out on May 15th. Have some new promo pics for the show, Asuka had the lead role in a previous Nogi drama but this could be her best performance to date.

 Enjoy doing these kinds of posts that have a lot of different things versus ones that mainly contain mag spreads but do have a pair of them coming up. 'NogiKoi' cards are something that I also enjoy including in these posts, think this is six posts in a row with them. Always have a quartet of members and try to have the gals who don't or didn't get much exposure. Such as these first two members, first off is Junna, she's been with Nogi since 2013 yet won;t be turning 22 until November. Following her is Maaya, hard to believe she's a first generation member and turned 22 six days ago.

 The other pair are graduates and ones who I really liked. Especially Himeka and would have loved to have seen her have a photobook, time does fly as she's been gone from Nogi for 2 1/2 years. Think she's currently working as some sort of counselor but don't think she has a degree in the field. One who does have a degree is Chiharu, she graduated from Nogi back in July 2018 and on February 17th turned 23 in age. That degree is from Meiji University and she used her earnings from Nogi wisely, she's now an announcer for TV-Asahi and to me may have the most attractive face of any Nogi gal.

 On to the pair of mag spreads, this first set is from volume 22 of Overture featuring the second generation members Ayana and Ranze. With them is Kotoko and this will probably be her final Nogi spread as she did graduate but is still listed as an active member at their site.

 Seems Mizuki has appeared in more mags this year than any Nogi member plus she's a model for 3-4 sites. This set is from the May edition of CanCam and she is an exclusive model for them, they're not all solo pics but do like the other models she's with.

 Had wanted to have five Keya solo posts this month, only did two as save for a pair of members the slowdown seems to have affected them much more than other J-Pop group. Next week should have a post for Yui as it'll be May and try to have at least one post for her every month. Brought her name up as she's got a few new pics from the With Online site with Minami, some are from a promo video for their June spread. Was thinking about doing a 'pairs post' for them as they do have quite a few pics together though most are from With. Following the pics is that promo video which is a must watch and really hope it stays up for a while.

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