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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Keyakizaka46: Akane Moriya's "Subconscious" photobook scans

 Had been leaning towards beginning the month off with a Nogi photobook post, as you can see changed my mind but will be having that PB in a few days. Actually like this photobook a bit more though it may not be as scorching as the other PB. Akane is a gal who is one of my lesser known faves which is only because she doesn't get enough posts but to me her looks are just so overly alluring. Been a while since the last Keya post which was another reason for this post to begin off August, as a matter of fact a Keya PB began off July and that's been the only post for a member in the past seven weeks though hope to have a solo one within the week.

 Will save my minor rants and such for a Keya group post but who knows when that'll happen? It's been three months since the last one and it appears as a group they may fall off my faves list, perhaps many others too. Will get into things more in that group post but if you haven't heard Keya will be 'disbanding' after a concert in October but will have a digital single coming out in three weeks. However the group won't be breaking up but instead will be having a name change and will be starting fresh, does that mean that mean after October's concert no more Keya oldies will ever be performed by the group? Need to hear a few more details but know one thing which is that their management really dropped the ball with them, at one time they were the third post popular J-Pop group but now they're an afterthought to an extent.

 Can recall one semi-popular group changing their name. That was the H!P group S/Mileage who back in 2013/14 changed their name to ANGERME but think that was because of so many new members. Back to Akane and though not Keya's most attractive member to me she's always been their sexiest gal. Two years ago a huge gravure fave of mine Manami Hashimoto made an appearance on the group's 'Keyakitte' show. She was there to teach the girls out to be more 'seductive' and to her the group's most alluring member was Akane who was a bit uncomfortable doing those seductive poses but looked so mighty fine to me.

 This book was released on June 26, 2019 and to me sold a solid number of copies. It was number one on the charts it's first week out selling over 21,000 copies and remained in the top ten for a few more weeks. Bet the total sales were around 35,000 which is an impressive figure as Akane is a popular Idol though not at the level of some of her Keya mates. For the photo shoot Akane traveled to Monaco, first time any '46' member has visited there and as I've mentioned before seems most of their books are shot in Europe.

 Akane isn't really a bodacious woman but still looks so superb to me. Not every Idol can have an F cup or whatever which is perfectly fine by me and actually prefer her regular looks versus many other Idols. This is one terrific PB with many more swimsuit and lingerie pics than I expected but do have one beef with the book. Too many pics only take up a half or 3/4 of a page, couldn't they have made the pics bigger or had two of them on one page? You'll see what I mean but still the pics are quite fabulous of Akane who will be turning 23 in November and with this shakeup is she or other members thinking about a graduation?  Finally on to the pics which total 110, as mentioned this came out in June 2019 and has been Keya's last photobook.