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Friday, September 20, 2019

Bae Suzy: "Vagabond" drama promo event pics and slightly more....

 Am taking a break from viewing Korean dramas as I got bit burned out with them. That'll last for about two months which is good timing as Suzy's new drama "Vagabond" should be ending then. That'll be the next Korean drama I'll be recapping and have watched the first episode already which was definitely action packed.

 Suzy is just so incredibly alluring, can't think of many current women who are hotter than she is. On my last top twenty preliminary list had Suzy in the sixth position, guess she'll be staying right around there on the next list. Figured with the new drama beginning there would be a few mag spreads or other things promoting the series which hasn't been the case. Perhaps there will be some new things by October 10th as on that date she'll be hitting the age of 25 and hope to have a post for her b-day. Do have a few new pics from the Lancome site.

 Also have a few new Suzy Instagram pics though she's slowed down posting them.

 Whew, if I could just a genie grant me three wishes then know what one of them would be....

 Couple of behind the scenes pics from the "Vagabond" site.

 "Vagabond" aired it's first episode tonight, thought there were going to be two ha;f hour shows but this first one was an hour long. This is Suzy's first drama in two years and she looked so magnificent in this first show, won't give away many spoilers as I will be recapping the series. But in the show Suzy plays a spy named Go Hae-Ri, first show was filmed entirely in Morocco. There was quite a bit of action in the show and like I mentioned she looked unbelievable.

 On September 16th there was a press conference for the drama held at the SBS Hall in Seoul, SBS is the station "Vagabond" is airing on. Plenty of super duper pics from the event as Suzy was dressed a bit conservatively bit looked stupendous and there's a short video of her after the pics.

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