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Friday, September 6, 2019

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2019 #15....

 Here's someone we haven't seen here for a long time, that top pic could be my number one for 2017. Misa graduated from Nogi at the end of March, think she had one mag spread in an April post but nothing since then. Her graduation was kind of quick as she announced it on February 14th, six weeks later she was gone. Currently aM working on a post for her, have a new mag spread and a few other items but trying to get another ten or so new pics. Hopefully can have a post for her in a few days and to me Misa could be Nogi's sexiest member ever, she was 11th on my all time top twenty list and was one of only two current active Idols to make the list which is now down to one after
her graduation.

 Nogi's new single which came out three days ago will naturally top the Oricon charts for it's first week out but sales are not as impressive as usual. After three days the total copies sold is 908,000 but that's the lowest three day total since 2017. Hate to say it but I'm kind of glad for the lower sales as I was disgusted with the lineup, haven't listened to the song and perhaps never will. Hope the sales stay lowish as I want to see a return of the older members being on the front row.
 What a tough year it's been for us long time fans as so many first generation members have departed, wonder if there will be any group posts as year from now? Will always post about my fave members but the number of them is dwindling, any bets on who the next first generation member to leave will be? Nogi captain Reika is the latest member to leave, she's 25 in age and guess being an Idol for eight years is enough. Her final show took place on September 1st at the Meiji Jingu Stadium which holds 70,000 fans(!), it was also broadcast to four other places where 290,000 fans watched it.

 Actually that bottom pic is from last week's 'All Night Nippon' show which Mai hosts. This week she had Erika as a special guest and we've seen so little of her since her PB was released.

 How about more Mai as I can never get tired of viewing her pics. Still haven't done a post with all of her 2019 activities but eventually will get around to it. She also did a recent interview with the Entertainment Station site talking about the new single, her modeling career and more.

 Even a few more Mai pics which are from the Oggi and With Online sites but not nearly as many pics as usual.

 Tomorrow four members will be at the Autumn/Winter 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show and will have a few posts for it though four members is the lowest total I've ever seen for one of these shows.

 Mai will be there and to make everyone's day can hopefully have another solo post for her in the next couple of days. She and five other members were at a press conference on September 5th to announce a new group show. It will begin on October 12th and is titled "Nogizaka46 World Trip" which will be airing on Ameba-TV. Think the theme of the show will be of a member(s) traveling overseas and actually it could be an interesting show unlike their current variety show. Top three members only have two pics each as I like to have solo posts for them and will have many more pics in those posts. To me Sayuri is really looking superb and she has a film coming out soon where she has the lead role, she turned 27 ten days ago. Manatsu led the proceedings as she's now Nogi's captain which means she should be sticking around for a few more years.

 What there's been a big lack of recently are mag spreads. There's more than the one for today but they feature the fourth generation members who I won't post about. But even so there were only three or four of those spreads so why weren't there more considering they had a new single? Just one for today which are from the new edition of Platinum Flash, none had a huge set except for one.

 That one member with a regular spread is the departing Reika, if she has things going on in the future will include them in these group posts.