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Monday, July 7, 2014

Kim So-Yeon: Prosecutor Princess drama episode 2 recap and screenshots

Air Date: March 31 to May 20, 2010 on SBS at 9:55 pm

Main Cast:

Kim So-Yeon as Ma Hye-ri, a recent law school graduate who is a rookie prosecutor and the "heroine" of the show.
Park Si-Hoo as Seo In-Woo, attorney, least through the first 2 episodes
Han Jung-Soo as Yun Se-Jun, senior prosecutor and Ma's first boss
Choi Sung-Hyun as Jin Jung-Sun, prosecutor and Ma's 'enemy'
Yu Geon as Lee Min-Suk, prosecutor
Choi Sung-ho as Chae Ji-Won, prosecutor
Park Jung-Ah as Je-Ni, In-Woo's associate
Min Yeong-Won as Lee Yu-Na, Ma's best friend
Kim Sang-Ho as Na Joong-suk, head prosecutor

 First episode didn't have all that many scenes with the rookie prosecutor Ma at the office but most of this show was mainly set at her new job. Ma seems to think her new job is working out fine but in reality it's not going that way at all. Though she usually does things the correct way and by the book it's not the way all the prosecutors work, she refuses to do any overtime and leaves the office promptly at 6:00 pm while all her coworkers are there to 10:00 pm or so but there's nothing anyone can do to make her stay.\

 Though quite ditzy and too much of a fashion queen Ma is very smart and competent, all the work given her she does well though too many times by the book and doesn't have any kind of human feelings when she works with an accused criminal. The process in Korea is a bit different than in the States as a prosecutor can also be the judge and jury in a case where they will hear the accused testimony in their office and make the judgement from that meeting.
 The two cases assigned to Ma she did correctly or at least how she was taught in school but she so far she can't see outside the lines and though her head boss tries to explain to her that she should look at the whole picture she just can't do it. I frustrates her boss a bit but there's not much he can do as Ma is doing nothing wrong and hopefully using human emotions will come with experience.
 But that's not the main issue for this episode, the main one was that Ma lost some important papers for an upcoming case dealing with a pair of celebrities in the bathroom, bringing papers there is a strict no-no at the office. The papers were found by a client who was tried by Ma in a case but luckily one of her coworkers found the papers just before the client left the office.

 That landed Ma in a heap of trouble though she was oblivious to it. She was transferred out of her new office but none of the other prosecutors wanted her to work with them, her reputation passed through the office very quickly. What eventually happened is that Ma was assigned her own office, she thought it was a promotion but it was nothing of the sort as she was assigned some easy paperwork to keep her busy through the day. At first she didn't realize what was happening but she eventually got an inkling which was confirmed when she overheard some workers taking about her situation. Upon hearing that Ma rushed into the head prosecutor's office to complain about the demotion but was given a serious lecture by him, what is going to happen with Ma then?
 Well actually a lot is going to happen but none of it will be good and we won't learn what it is until the next episode as this one ends with Ma and her friend Lee being arrested at a nightclub as they were drinking with some underage boys. They didn't know they were underage but one of them lied to the officers checking the club out and said they were their boyfriends and had paid them to bring them there. As the episode ends Ma is thrown into a police van and driven away, no doubt there is going to be some severe trouble for her in the next episode.
 Haven't discussed attorney Seo too much, he's till a mysterious character and it seems as though he has had his eye on Ma to do something for him at the prosecutor's office but so far nothing has been revealed yet. Will try to be back in a few days with some mini recaps for episodes 3 & 4, hasn't been a terrific drama after two episodes but it's been a solid watch and the pace of the shows has been excellent so am trying to watch one episode a day. Check out the next episode for a mega amount of screenshots for this episode, may help fill in some of the blanks that I missed in the recap.

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