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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saki Aibu: "Last Doctor" drama episode 1 recap and screenshots

Start Date: July 11, 2014 at 8:00 pm on TV Tokyo

Main Cast: 

Saki Aibu as Kaoruko Yoshizaki, rookie medical examiner
Yasufumi Terawaki as Shinya Akita, veteran medical examiner who is training Kaoruko
Keiko Toda as Mieko Yamashita, another medical examiner
Shiro Ito as Shuhei Yanagita, immediate medical examiner supervisor
You as Ryoko Takeuchi, lab assistant
Ikkei Watanabe as Keiji Yamakura, veteran detective who works closely with medical examiners
Shu Watanabe as Keiji Ikeda, rookie detective who has the hots for Kaoruko

 Once again it doesn't appear to be a strong season for drama but actually was thinking earlier that perhaps the seasons are stronger than I think, the problem has been that the shows I'm interested in never get subbed or the subbing never gets finished. Thought I would take a chance on this show, the synopsis looked okay so will be reviewing this series then, usually do two episodes at a time but this show ran for 90 minutes so will just quickly look at this first episode.

 Saki plays Kaoruko who has just transferred to the Kanto Medical Examiner's office on the advice of her college professor. Her trainer/supervisor at the office is Akita who has been an examiner for 20 years and is really known for his eccentricities. His mannerisms are a bit robotic and shows no feeling during his examinations toward the deceased or their next of kin. Meanwhile Kaoruko is the opposite as she likes people and having fun, the pair is definitely a mismatch but at least for the first episode they get along somewhat, for Akita being with people is something he's not accustomed to.
 The pair's first case is solving a reputed suicide of a popular model named Rika who threw herself off the 5th floor of a building. The two detectives at first are with the suicide theory and so is Akita but not so for Kaoruko and also soon the rookie detective Ikeda. Kaoruko's doubts about the case start to rub off on Akita and though he doesn't mention it he also starts to have some doubts after he examines Rika's corpse.

 The veteran detective Yamakura though still maintained it was a suicide due to her purse being on the roof of the building Rika jumped from and also she has sent a message to her manager shortly before she jumped. Akita's doubts were because of her injuries and there's no way she could have sustained some of them from the building she jumped from, upon some investigating by him his new theory turned out to be right. Rika had actually jumped off the 4th floor of a building across the street but her body had been moved so it would look like she had jumped from that building.
 The person who moved the body was a politician who was having an affair with Rika's twin sister Yuka, he had also made her pregnant. The trouble between them started when she wouldn't have an abortion, the politician tried to talk to Rika to persuade her to tell her sister to have the abortion. They had met at his private apartment and she refused his request, shortly after is when her death occurred. Rika had placed the only photo of her and Yuka on his desk when suddenly a gust of wind came in through the window, blowing the photo out the window. Rika dove for the pic but to no avail but in her attempt she also went over the railing, falling to her death.
 So it was a bit of a bizarre accident that led to Rika's death but still the politician was a bit guilty about covering it up and moving her body but there was no mention of what happened to him doing those things. Though Kaoruko and Akita had a bit of a rough start both working and communicating together it was their teamwork that solved the case, don't know if this is going to be the same storyline for all the episodes, least for the first show it worked.

 In a small nutshell that's what happened in the first show, left out a few things but you can catch what I've missed by checking the next post for a ton of screenshots or by watching this episode. Surprised the first show was 90 minutes, may have been a bit too long but it never dragged or got boring, would recommend for now at least viewing out the first episode.

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