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Sunday, December 4, 2016

C-ute: 'Compass' tour cards #3

 C-ute's latest single "Mugen Climax" was #2 in it's first week out, to date it's sold about 61,000 copies. That's the norm for the group as their sales figures are so consistent, one single hit the 73,000 copies sold mark but for the last three years the sales have always been 60,000+. They were just never able to push those sales up and to me it's honestly a mystery why as they are very popular or at least a few of the members are. Plus no J-Pop group has put out better singles than they have for the last five years, I truly have no clue why they never took the step to that next stage of popularity.

 Someone made a recent comment about the J-Pop group Yumemiru Adolescene and how much they sound like C-ute. Don't know if that's true but will listen to them more, do have their album "Haru at Nanako Sun Plaza" which is a live one, sounds quite good but not in the C-ute vein. Actually to me Juice=Juice sounds so much like C-ute which makes sense as they're both Hello Project groups. Need to start posting more about them as after C-ute disbands they'll probably be my fave H!P group.
 Taking a break from the 'Top Twenty Faves' list for today, will be back with it tomorrow and won't say what position they'll be in as I don't know yet but two members did make my top ten. On to the 'Compass' tour cards, as you can see this is the third post for them and have many more cards so expect another post for them very soon. Still can't get them any new fans here it seems as their posts continue not to get many views but will keep on trying to the bitter end.

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  1. C-ute and Nogizaka are definitely personal favorites, overall prefer Nogizaka but C-ute has Maimi, Airi and Saki.