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Friday, December 23, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 Magazine scans #82

 The above three all have a photobook coming out within a month of each other. Know the group is immensely popular these days but isn't that pushing it a bit too far? There's no doubt they'll cut into each other's sales so wouldn't it have made sense for one to have come out this month and was thinking Asuka's would have been the logical choice.
 Nanami is graduating on February 20th so it makes sense for her second PB to come out on that date but Mai's next book is coming out just thirteen days prior to that. You would have to think their management knows what they're doing but three photobooks in 24 days may be a bit too much for the regular fan's wallet.
 Plus that wallet could take a bigger hit as the Nogi usually releases a single in March. Also their three day '5th Anniversary Concerts' will be held from February 20th to the 22nd, need to find out what kind of jobs other Nogi fans have to be able to afford all of those things. Have a feeling it's not working at a 7-Eleven....

 Been slipping on these mag spreads recently as there's many more than what's here today. However most mags don't release issues at the end of this month so during that quiet time will still have plenty for all fans to enjoy. Not many for today as one of the sets is quite huge, let's start off with Marika who we never see enough of or at least that's been the case recently. Just watched episode eight of the current season of 'NOGIBINGO' and Marika did something you rarely see from her.... she smiled! That doesn't happen in this set of pics from the February edition of Brody.

 Forgot all about it until now but need to check out the Oricon yearly total sales for photobooks. Last time I checked was the middle of November and at the time Nanase's second PB was the second best selling book of the year and with a good spurt she may have a chance to claim the top spot. Solo spread for her which is from the February issue of Street Jack.

 Nanase starts off this last set which is the huge spread I mentioned and is from the February issue of BLT. After her four pics are sets featuring most members, posted Nanami's set yesterday.

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