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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #6....?

 Think there will be a few surprises in the top six and this may be the second biggest one except for who occupies the top spot. Sure most viewers thought Maimi would have been a few positions higher but like Santa checked my list twice and this is where she ended up. Can't say she's dropped as far as being a huge fave of mine but others have passed her, perhaps it's a case sometimes of being intrigued by newer females.

 Kind of hard not finding Maimi as she usually stands out in the crowd. Like a few others in the top ten there isn't much to tell you about her as she has so many solo and C-ute posts here that there isn't much left of her bio to tell you about. Hoping this won't be her final appearance on a list as I have no idea what her plans are when C-ute disbands next June.
 Can't see Maimi remaining an Idol, think that's one of the big reasons for the group breaking up. She does have a radio show which she's hosted for over eight years but since 2012 Maimi hasn't appeared in all that many dramas or films so what she plans on doing is a mystery for now. Maimi will be turning 25 in February so taking a long break may be in the works as she's been a member of Hello Project since she was ten years old.
 Luckily do have many new pics for this post, certain  pics like these have been posted too often though who can ever get tied of looking at them.

 If there is one minor complaint it's that Maimi the last few years has tried to look too good, she is a skinny gal and just the way she regularly looks is good enough for all of us.

 Hard to do a post without new cards from Hello Project, have more but saving them for a group post.

 Maimi for years has blown away 99.8% of any other Idol so hard to figure out why she hasn't appeared in more mags, you could say that about many H!P members. This is one fine set of Maimi pics which came out at the beginning of November from volume 15 of My Girl.

 There's been many Idols who I've really liked over the last few years but have noticed when they graduate you hardly hear anything from them. Of the top twenty only one Idol has successfully continued her career and she'll be coming up a bit higher on the list. Truly hope Maimi isn't one who disappears as she's been one of my bigger faves for about five years now, she seems like a smart woman so let's hope she has some unrevealed plans to keep her in the spotlight.
 Most of these posts up until now have featured 'greatest pics' but will do something different here as the top half are pics that may not have been posted here or are rarely seen. Naturally also have some stupendous ones after those so you can see why Maimi deserved her high ranking which actually could have been higher. After all of those is a must watch video which is an outtake from her latest DVD which came out in September, "Watashi no Kisetsu".

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