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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cabasuka Gakuen drama: episodes five and six screenshots

 Think it's going to take longer listing all of the cast members than it will be doing the recap. Have left a few characters out due to space but for the most part these are the major ones. The series started on October 29th and airs on NTV, the episodes air every Saturday night at 12:55 am.

 Jurina Matsui as Center/Kurage.... means jellyfish in Japanese
Sakura Miyawaki as Sakura/Same.... means shark 
Yui Yokoyama as Otabe/Maguro.... means tuna
Haruka Kodama as Katsuzetsu/Tai.... sea bream
Yuria Kizaki as Magic/Saba.... mackerel
Nana Okada as Zombie/Karei
Ryoka Oshima as Kusogaki/Ankou
Juri Takahashi as Uonome/Iwashi
Mion Mukaichi as Jisedai/Isugi
Sayaka Yamamoto as Antonio
Haruka Komiyama as Isoginchaku
Rika Nakai as Nodoguro
Mio Tomonaga as Tatsunootoshigo
Yui Kojina as Kisu

Special guest star

Yuki Kashiwagi as Anago

 Have decided to stop posting about this drama for now though will recap the final two episodes, there's twelve in all. Not that I'm not enjoying this show because it has been a solid watch but these recaps don't do it much justice. Few times have mentioned that some shows are better to view than to read about and this is a prime example of one of those dramas.
 If you've seen the any of the previous seasons you know what to expect but up to episode six there's been very little fighting. Though it's been an enjoyable watch some action would definitely help this show out but to date will highly recommend for any AKB fans or anyone who enjoyed any of the previous seasons.

 Yuki made a guest appearance in the fifth episode, was hoping she'd be a hostess but that sadly wasn't to be. She played a woman whose fiancee was at the Aquarium hostess club almost every night and was spending all of their money. He was spending so much he even took a loan out and she showed up at the club to stop him, who would go to a club with a wife to be looking like she does!
 Through the last few episodes Karei has had a stalker who was becoming furious with her when she was with any other men at the club. There had been a hostess murder a year ago and thought he may have been a suspect but that wasn't the case. But the man Fujimoto was becoming impossible and even attacked another customer outside the club, for that he was arrested and don't think we'll be hearing any more of him.
 So that's a very brief recap and as I've mentioned it's a fine watch but not one that's worth recapping every show as most are the same in a way. Which is that the hostesses are saving up their cash to save their high school but to date the club's profits haven't been very high. If you want the shows in the top left hand corner of the screenshots is the site to get them, so far that's the only site I've found with subs. Did take plenty of screenshots though for these two episodes and if you view them it should be easy enough to figure out what happened.
 So will be back once the series finishes to recap the final two shows. Won't be taking screenshots of the other shows but will for Jurina who looks more fabulous than ever in this drama. She's also someone who is on my top twenty faves list, unsure of her spot but it may be the next post.

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