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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016'- the stats and ramblings post....

 Won't be doing the post for #1 until probably Friday AM, was going to do a few more intro posts in the next two days along with a b-day post so there was no other time to do this except now. Sure a few like stats and/or breakdowns of things so have many of them in this post plus a few musings.
 The main musing is about Mayu who is pictured above, she's someone who I truly like as an actress. However just couldn't squeeze her on to the list which disappointed me but looking back there's no one who I could bump off. The 18th position came down to three gals, Mayu, one other person and Kasumi who got the nod. She deserved it after barely missing last year but with some graduations and such coming up in 2017 there should be a few spots open for a Morning Musume fan.

 Third person in that three way battle where two would lose out was Haruka. Especially wanted to include her on the list as she graduated from AKB yesterday, she'll be continuing on as an actress but we probably won't be seeing as much from her. As far as her graduation goes have her farewell concert and will do a post or two for her next week, will let the dust settle a bit first.

 Those were really the only difficulties, perhaps a few could have been ranked a spot or two higher/lower but for the most part think their positions were right on. Haven't heard from many readers on what their choices would have been or whether you agree/disagree with my choices. Still haven't announced #1 yet which may not be obvious but have given plenty of clues.

 On to the stats on all 19 who made the list, for the eleventh position had Nogi who I didn't count in the stats but doubt if they would have affected them too much. The ages ranged from 19 years and ten months for the youngest one who was Jurina, she finished ninth....

.... to 32 and four months for the woman who finished in the fourth spot and who is easily the hottest woman to ever walk upon the face of this earth. The average age ended up being 25 years and five months, tad younger than last year but the list was twice as big with many more Idols.

 That oldest one to make the list is Manami Hashimoto who was born on 1984, besides being the oldest she's also the second tallest at 168 cm. There were two with the name Manami who made the top twenty, the other one most should know fairly well here and she's the tallest barely as she stands 169 cm and is also the second oldest being born in June of 1986.

 Average height for the top twenty was close to 161 cm which in inches is 63, not really a tall bunch but actually were brought down by three who were between 149 to 152 cm. No one else was below 157 cm so you can see what they did to the average, here are the three with two pics each from shortest to not as short.... Minami(3rd), Mina(14th) and Yuko(2nd).

 That's about it for those kinds of stats but have a few others. Yuko was second on the list and these days would consider her an actress as her Idol days are long gone so she then is the highest ranking actress. But if you were just to consider someone who has only ever been an actress then Tsubasa who finished seventh would be the highest ranking one.

 Would imagine most would have thought that Idols would have monopolized the top twenty but that wasn't the case. Out of the twenty nine were J-Pop Idols, eight were actresses and three are mainly gravure Idols though all three are also actresses. Of the Idols just three are currently in a '48' group while Nogi was one and the other five are part of Hello Project.
 For those who like nutty stats then here's a few, M was the most common first letter in a name with seven gals having that distinction. Second was Y, five gals had that honor as unlike in America that's a common letter for female names to begin with. Last names go all over the board though with really no letter dominating any other one as H was the most common with four.
 As I've mentioned expect #1 this Friday morning and hopefully nobody is counting the minutes until that happens. Will end off with the 19 who occupy the positions two through twenty starting off with #20, two pics each until the second spot. Nogi as a group finished eleventh, for their two pics have the pair of Mai and Misa.

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