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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: 'Top Twenty Faves list for 2016' #13....?

 Someone yesterday had a request for Mayu Koseta who is someone I don't know too well at all. Was checking some of her pics out and she does look quite good, similar to these pics so once I get caught up on things can do something about her.
 But today's post is for Yurina who I truly thought was going to be ranked higher. Think she's better looking than a few of those ahead of her but looks aren't 100% of why someone ends up where they do though it does have a big part in it.

 Don't do too many posts for gravure Idols, probably about five of them but in the entire world of those models Yurina would have to be ranked second as she has some features which leave me gaping. Yurina is slowing breaking into the acting field, had she been in more things she would have easily made the top ten. That may happen next year as she's scheduled to be in three films in 2017 and has a good sized role in two of them.
 Also need to do more posts besides mag spreads for Yurina, She's been at 3-4 events the last month such as promoting one of the films along with her 2017 calendar. Will do a few posts for those soon but there's enough new mag spreads to fill that 'quota' of new things. Two Friday issues here with three pics each from the October 14th and November 25th editions.

 That bottom pic is a promo one for Yurina's 2017 calendar, will have a few more pics when I do that post about her promo event for it. Next up is from the October issue of Saizo.

 Last stupendous mag spread is from WPB #49, whewwwwwww........

 Yurina is a bit of a latecomer to the scene as she'll be turning 23 next April but has only been doing mag spreads and such since 2104. Really thought she had an easy spot in the top ten but where she is means only twelve females finished above her which is makes being 13th much more impressive. Not much more to add in but will be working on a few new posts for Yurina, these are such breathtaking pics it does make me wonder why she wasn't #1. After them is a highly recommended video, realize it's hard to notice but she does have quite a cute face.


  1. the kind of girl I like , her parents got close to making perfection

    gonna go ahead and request yumi sugimoto and noda ayaka while im at it

  2. Being compared to her isn't a bad thing, in the future jaw-dropping gals will be compared to Yurina.