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Also these days(mid-2017) have many posts for Korean actresses, dramas and films that are worth checking out as over the years have become a much bigger fan of Korean dramas versus the ones from Japan.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Mariya Nagao: 'Friday Digital Photobook' scans from August 2017....

 Did have a bit of a warning before my laptop crashed so was able to save a few things such as this and the other posts that have been done the past two weeks. Have two more other collections to post this week but hope things will get to be a bit more normal as there's a few other events that are happening this week and it'd be so much better to do the posts with a repaired laptop.

 Have re-watched many, many films lately from my DVD collection but have fallen way behind on dramas currently airing. One is "Koe Girl" aka Voice Girl, did the recaps for the first two episodes and the following day is when my laptop died. Mariya is one of the stars of the show which had a promising start to it, will try to start again with the recaps soon.
 This is bit of an older set of pics as it came out last August. Mariya has appeared in so many issues of Friday the past year and perhaps they thought she deserved a mini PB. Of course she did though wish it was twice as big but as usual Mariya looks so incredibly super duper. Total of fifty pics for all of her admirers to savor and Mariya certainly has a huge amount of fans here.


  1. Hard to not look at it but I think that bum just got a bit more rounder...ahem, could've slapped on a warning on this post coz gad-daym!
    What movies ya got m8? Watched a few movies recently myself(not on DVD tho), 'Shinjuku Swan'(1 and 2) 'The Dark Maidens' 'Fatal Frame' 'Lesson of the Evil'. You've probably heard/watched some of them but if ya haven't and got ze time then 'The Dark Maidens' i feel would be worth your time.
    Gotta get things spick and span in time for GirlsAwards on the 19th!! Lineup looks 👌. Shame Mariya won't be there 😢(I don't how they choose the models but 😭). You've probably heard the news about the K46 center for "Ride my Honda" so might need to prepare some tissues as well.

  2. Yes, need to get things ready for the 19th but even more than that need to be ready for Nanase, her third PB comes out tomorrow and there are just so many things to post about her.
    Quite a few films and all have been re-watches but hadn't seen most of them in two or more years:

    From HK

    "Election and PTU".... Perhpas later "Ebola Syndrome"


    "Cello, Time, Whispering Stairs, Take Care of my Cat"


    "Kill Devil, Matango" and a few others.

  3. Ah yes, with these little videos of N46 doing some chin thing(super cute but no idea what it is...best thing to do is to just appreciate), a non-no vid and that pool shot from last time with that short hair...IT'S A CODE RED!! GET THIS MAN A LAPTOP SO HE CAN WATCH THE SHOWROOM EVENT TOMORROW WITH THE SPEAKERS BLASTED!
    Quite a variety of movies ya got there. All i really got is,
    HK-action(About half of JC films before 'New Police Story', Ip man)
    J-action(Azumi 1&2, Zatoichi, Ichi)
    ... and K-action(Musa, Volcano High)
    Wanted to watch 'Whispering Stairs' for Ji-Hyo coz that's like the last one to watch for me but I feel like my screen will never see the light of day ever again. So many movies that I'm looking forward to this year like '3D Kanajo: Real girl' 'Kasane' and more but just like 'Mix', it will be a year of agony.

  4. HK action films are definitely the best, have about 25 on DVD but wish I had more. Last film was a Korean one from 2005 called "Red Eye", have watched it 3-4 times. First watch was wondering what was Erika Toda doing in the film(!). She wasn't but Kim Hye-Na could be Erika's older sister as they look so much alike, was checking out more of her pics and there's no doubt Hye-Na and Erika are related.
    No more films for a while as I've started on the 2005 Korean drama "Sweet Spy". Had started it twice but never made it past the eighth episode, will this time though and it's one corny series.

  5. HK action was awesome along with their comedy with the stephen chow films. Now I'm not liking it as much coz my favourites are getting old so damn. Just had a look at Hye-Na...I think you're mistaken as it looks like Kim Hye-Na is Erika's korean name...
    Had a look at the plot of 'sweet spy' and it always seems like a traffic cop is the lowest in the hierarchy/nobody wants to be.

  6. Getting old is a problem here as iot seems once actesses get closer to thirty there's not as many things to posty about them. "Sweet Spy" has been a fun watch, the main male character only speaks English while his assistant speaks Japanese. Kind of an over the top show but have been enjoying much more than most recent dramas.