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Friday, May 25, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 'Girls Awards' Spring/Summer show pics with Risa, Shiho, Yui and Yui

 Little late with these pics as the show took place last Saturday. Was hoping to have these in a few solo posts but sadly there's been very few recent mag spreads for the four members featured today. However will have at least one Yuuka solo post coming up as I do have a pair of new mag spreads. Her first photobook will be coming out in less than two weeks and by some of the pics I've seen it could be the best Keya PB to date.

 On to the pics and trying to make this a quick post as I'm borrowing a computer and don't have much time as I'd like to squeeze in two posts(not going to happen but expect a Mai S. post tomorrow). The four members are all veterans as far as appearing at fashions shows go, especially Rika who leads us off. She only took one stroll on the catwalk but does represent two mags which are Larme and Ray. Following her is Shiho from Hiragana, she was there for the R4 fashion line and also perhaps Evelyn.
 Other two gals are the Yui-chans, haven't checked on it but is Yui I. scheduled to have a PB? Did see a new swimsuit pic of her which made me think that she may have one coming up, at the show she was representing the ar magazine. Yui K. took two strolls on the catwalk for Evelyn and not sure who else. She's really becoming so popular lately as she's appeared in more spreads the past six months than any other member. The show was held at the Makuhari Mese arena in Chiba and over 30,000 fans were at the show. After the pics have a short video that has Yui's two strolls, almost all of the other videos from the show have been deleted.


  1. Did a little check about Yui.I and as far as I know, there's no announcement for another PB :'( but ya sure got my hopes up for it. Kinda wondering why Risa hasn't got hers yet because she's been da bomb for a while and I guess it was an outtake of the blt spread from before but I got stopped in my tracks from it

  2. That pic is supreme but haven't all of Risa's pics lately been that way? She has a terrific new Flash spread, will wait for a few other happenings from her before there's another solo post. Bet Risa won't have the next PB, Yui I. would be a good choice but wouldn't doubt if Yui K. will have the honor, can't believe how many spreads she's appeared in this year. Lot of members deserve a book but have to admit Nogi has so many more gals that are much more steamier....
    Sure you've seen it but the "Sex is Zero" film is quite a fun watch asd I just viewed it again for about the fifth time. Also with a repeat view was "Shaolin Soccer", not sure what's up next.... more films or to take a week and watch the "Sassy Girl Chun-hyang" drama from 2005 for about the tenth time, that was my first K-Drama and there are very few better ones.

  3. I agree with N46 having more hotness in them. I always wanted a N46 Chiharu PB but yeahh don't think we're going to get that anymore :(
    'Sassy girl' the drama with the cool rock opening song ay? that's something for me to watch as I forgot the first time to watch it. Was lost in what to watch recently but word has it that Aya Ueto will be in a drama series called 'Absolute Zero season 3' and my dumb*** didn't even know about the first season that she's also in so am starting on that.
    I would take films all day anyday tho. I have seen 'Sex is zero' so ya right about that but kinda forgot what happened in it haha. The Bruce Lee impersonator in 'Shaolin Soccer' was my favourite character. If ya got the HK film 'Skinny tiger, Fatty dragon' then I'd say watch that again coz I bloody love that movie or really anything ya got with either Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan or Yuen Biao. I do have a movie for ya to watch when stuff gets up and running, 'Gonjiam:haunted asylum' a horror movie as ya can see by the title but I found it to be pretty spooky.

  4. Have seen both seasons of that Aya drama. First one was very excellent and do recommend it, second season was so-so at best. Pressed for time so will finish my inane thoughts tomorrow but last film watched was this one, quality on my DVD was much better than the trailer. It starred Yujiro Ishihara who is worth checking out as he puts every actor these days to shame as he must have appeared in 400 films and he released 235(!) singles.


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  6. Quite enjoying the Aya drama, the tech guys in these types of shows always seem to have the unprofessional attire.
    Never seen the film there but revenge stories are cool, it always hype ya up when stuff is about to hit the fan. Gotta say that's a s*** load of singles there, can't even find a list of it. Not even the school favourite for finishing assignments, 'wikipedia' helps. Actors these days m8, I seem to like the older actors(which seem to be 30+) than the rising stars so much that ya can't even compare it.

  7. Seet that "Gonjiam:haunted asylum" is a new film, when it comes out will definitely view it plus Oh Yeon-A is someone who I've kind of liked but she's never had too many lead roles until this film.
    Yujiro without a doubt is Japan's biggest star of all time or at least on the male side. He got married to Mie Kitahara in 1960 who is still alive. They made 25 or so films together and her sultry look was one a few modern actresses should copy, plenty of pics of her out there.
    My fave era for Japanese films was from 1955 to 1975 and over half of my massive DVD collection is with films from those years. Latest two viewed films were classics but can't find any trailers for them.... "Black Test Car" from 1962 and "Cruel Gun Story" from 1964, the trailers out there aren't from either film.

  8. Yeah, saw that Mie was Yujiro's wife from looking at the cast for 'Rusty Knife' wasn't expecting that, dunno why but I find it pretty cool.
    About 90% of my Asian DVDs are HK, don't really have much DVDs from the other Asian regions coz of my Western Collection of DVDs that cover a bit. Most of the japanese movies that I've seen have been from the 90s and early 2000s like 'Swing Girls' and 'Sumo Do Sumo Don't' but when it comes to music then it's got to be the 80s, m8 they looked so pretty back then like Kahoru Kohiruimaki, Mariya Takeuchi even their commercials had some super duper pretty ladies in it like bruhh...Was only able to find a trailer of "Black Test Car" but with no subs so couldn't understand anything and with there being not much info about it I could find, I cry. Still got the visuals tho so 👍

  9. Haven't seen the 'Sumo' film but really like Motoki. "Bird People in China" to me is his best film and one of my all time top Japanese movies.
    Last night's watch was another film classic which was is part of the Nikkatsu Noir set that should be in every household and the trailer is subbed in the English language....


  10. One of my fave Japanese movies would probably be 'Ping Pong' sure you've seen it like bro that movie was great and the "yumegiwa last boy" song m8 👍👍
    You know what should be in every household tho...a computer(ohhhh snap). Never seen "Bird People in China" or "A Colt is my passport"(I know right! You're probably thinking "what has this c*** been doin!?") BUT do know that Takashi Miike made "Bird People" and have seen a couple of his works! Latest one was "Blade of the immortal" which was an alright movie for me. I don't know if Erika has ever had about ear length hair before but that looked real cute. Yakuza movies seem to be dropping as when I type it up, about 95% of the results is before the 2000s. Even the triad movies seem to be dropping, WHERE ARE MY GANGSTER MOVIES MAN!? y'know, the good ones

  11. "Ping Pong" was one of the first DVD's I bought though haven't viewed it for a while, had forgotten all about Erika appearing in that film.
    Miike is known for his violent movies but "Bird People in China" isn't one of them, most of the film is set in a very remote area in China. Speaking of Yakuza films my fave from him is "Shinjuku Triad Society", I rarely go a month without viewing it and "Deadly Outlaw Rekka" is another highly recommended one, both trailers are subbed.



  12. Found it funny how both trailers start with a guy running somewhere. "Shinjuku Triad" looks cool but "Deadly Outlaw" looks like some crazy s*** happens in it like m8 a rocket launcher on the streets? The latest Miike film I enjoyed was "Lesson of Evil", I found it as an odd movie but still found it enjoyable. Haven't seen much Yakuza movies but a couple that I've been wanting to watch for a bit was "Sonatine" and "Fireworks" with Takeshi Kitano.



    Since I've seen more of the triad side of movies, I think we've all see it but "A better tomorrow" series that's one I love minus the third installment. Had the beautiful BEAU-TI-FUL! Emily Chu in it m8-

    Probably not as organized/complex as "Infernal Affairs" or "Election" which are also good but hey, I like John Woo films.

  13. "Infernal Affairs" could be my #1 film of all time. Have seen a few Woo films but my fave HK director is Johnnie To who also did "Election". Have seen close to ten of his films with "Breaking News" and especially "Exiled" being must watches.

  14. Have not seen "Breaking News" but "Exiled"👈that's a good movie. Although I have only seen a pinch of Johnnie To films, "Justice, My foot" would be my fave so far. Just about all the 90s films that Stephen Chow was in was great.