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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nao's fifth.... Zodiac post(?)!!!!.... the 'Geminites'(?)...

 This should have been the sixth post in the series but as most know have had computer issues for the past month, still in no hurry to get it fixed. Missed post would have been for the Taurus gals but not much was missed as only 4-5 of my bigger faves were born during that time span. Bit late for this sign but to date only one gal has celebrated a birthday as May was a very quiet month for birthdays.

 Gemini is kind of a quiet sign for birthdays too, busiest ones are Pisces and Libra. What I've noticed about my faves born from the period of May 21st to June 20th is that so many are older faves who I don't follow these days or ones who aren't nearly as busy as they once were, actually bet the average age of everyone for today is the highest of all of the signs.

Nanase Nishino.... May 25,1994

 Not much to say about Nanase as she's easily had the most posts of anyone this year and would have to say after five months she has the early lead on being #1 for this year's top twenty list. She's the only Nogi or Keya member for today and actually the only current J-Pop Idol as so few for some reason were born in May or June and that includes other '48' and Hello Project groups.

 Masami Nagasawa.... June 3rd, 1987

 Been very few Masami posts the past year as she's one of the ones I was referring to above which was about how my faves that are getting older tend to be a lot less busy. Wonder if it's because they have enough $$ and don't have to work as much or that they're not as in demand as it seems Idols are sadly taking too many roles away from more deserving actresses. Of all of my faves born under the Gemini sign would still have Masami as my #1, she still looks just as fabulous as ever. To be honest she has slipped my mind recently so will be working on a new post for her soon, at the top of the post is an terrific IQueen video.

Ryoko Kuninaka.... June 9, 1979

 It's a bit odd how the next three were all born in Okinawa as there aren't too many actresses that hail from there. Ryoko just may be my second biggest Gemini fave, she has very few posts as I had to delete most of them as the pics in the posts had disappeared. But will post her 'Colors' photobook again which may be my favorite one of all time and the bottom two pics are from it. Ryoko is also the oldest gal for today's list and that pic at the top of the post is an oldie of hers

 Yui Aragaki.... June 11,1988

 Gakky has dropped way down on my list of faves the past few years, unfortunately she's the perfect example of today's actresses who don't like to do much of anything. For this year there's been no dramas that she's appeared in and there's none scheduled so far. She will be in the 'Code Blue' movie coming out in July but once again her activities are far and few between.

 Manami Higa.... June 14, 1986

 Like most of the older faves on today's list Manami has been way too quiet this year. However think she's been somewhat busy but haven't been able to do any posts for her due to my lack of access to a computer but will be working on a post for her soon. Manami does have a drama starting up at the end of June and she'll also be starring in the 'Code Blue' movie. She's also dropped on my list of faves but not too much as she remains on my all time top ten list for current actresses.

 Anna Konno.... June 15, 1989

 The only gravure model to make my this list though Anna has appeared in a few films and dramas the past year. She's also one who has been kind of quiet this year, know everyone needs a break now and again but why do so many of my faves have to take a vacation at the same time?

 Ayaka Miyoshi.... June 16, 1996

 Ayaka is the youngest of today's gals, five are thirty or over. Ayaka is someone who has zoomed up on my faves list, last year she was in the 16th position and this year she should be in the top five. She's also the tallest of today's gals as her height is 67 inches.

 Saki Aibu.... June 20, 1985

 Just eight for my Gemini faves but as usual bet I've missed a few, probably some of my newer ones. Saki is someone who I truly liked for so long, she's still somewhat active but not to a great extent as she's now married with a child. Have seen Saki in close to ten dramas and can't decide which is the best. Personally would recommend "Attention Please, Zettai Karashi, Triangle or Miss Pilot", few TV movies are also worth viewing.

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