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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanase Nishino' post #29....

 You hear rumors about Nogi members graduating and especially with one major gal(Mai). But never have heard any departure stories about Nanase though wouldn't doubt if they'll be popping up sooner than later. Nanase will be turning 24 in thirteen days and very few Idols seem to remain with their groups once they hit 25 though SKE seems to be a bit of an exception to the rule.

 "Watashi no Koto" is Nanase's third photobook and first one to be published by the Non-no magazine. The above four pics are ones from the PB which I hadn't posted before, they're a lot steamier than I would have thought as Non-no is quite a conservative mag though all of their pics are always excellent.

 Few more pics there from the PB, posted the top two yesterday while the others are frrom the photo shoot. The pics for the book were taken in Morocco and don't think I've ever heard of an Idol going there to shoot pics for a PB. Not a lot of variety today as there's mainly just two items though they do coinsist of fifty new pics along with the ones above. As mentioned Non-no published the new PB and these are Nanase pics from their site which are normally outtake ones from their mag.

 The photobook was released on Wednesday, the following day Nanase held a fan meeting session for it at the Fukuya bookstore in Shinjuku. Curious on whethert it'll break the 100 K mark in sales in it's first week, her rival Mai holds the record for sales as her last PB sold 104,000(!) copies in it's first week, think the overall total to date is around 275,000 copies sold. Plenty of pics here from the event, hopefully the video will stay up as after them is her appearance on Thursday's 'Showroom'.

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  1. This PB is probably the first one to not feature a toothbrush. Personally think it'll be the best 46 PB coz of the range of outfits non-no can spit out. Seems like everybody's anticipating Mai's departure with the top 2 popular posts on the right.