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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Super Girls: The 'Koume Watanabe post' #5....

 Last Super ✰ Girls post talked a bit about their 19th single but didn't post a video for it. Was hoping for a full PV but the only one is 2:50 in length which is close enough to how long the song is. That song is "Kira Kira Sunshine" which reached #14 on the Oricon chartss, the group has had eleven top ten singles but the last three haven't reached that high.

 Nana is by far the most popular member of Super ✰ Girls but my fave is Koume. Her first DVD came out at the beginning of April and reached the second spot on the charts for Idol videos as Nana edged her out. Have three fabulous Koume spreads for today with the first two having having some promo pics for the DVD. First jaw-dropping set is from the April 13th issue of Friday.

 Think this next set of Koume's may be even bbetter which is from the April 24th edition of Flash, that bottom pic is Hall of Fame worthy....

 The final collection for Koume is from YS-Web #803 but think this will be part one as their spreads are usually much bigger than 23 pics, hope there's more as it's a nice reason to have another post. After the A+ pics is a must watch video from Koume's Friday photo shoot.

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