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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nana Owada: Her first semi intro post- FLASH Digital Photobook 'Senobishitaikoro' scans

 Called it 'semi' as this isn't Nana's first ever post here as her 2014 drama "Sailor Zombie" was recapped, nothing special but it was an okay show. It's been exactly two years since Nana 'graduated' from AKB, it wasn't a true graduation as she was sort of pushed out the door due to a scandal. But that hasn't affected her career in the least, since she left the group can only think of two ex-members who have been busier than Nana.
 What she's really been busy at is being a gravure model, the past year she's appeared in more mags than most models. The spreads all look terrific, not sure why I didn't want to post about Nana as she was a bit of a fave while she was in AKB. Nana is also an actress, she's done so many guest appearances on dramas but no huge roles yet, she's also been in two films. Now that I think about it will have two intro posts for her today, next one will have some recent mag spreads.

 This is a brand new photobook which just came out two days ago, what's a bit odd is that there was another PB featuring her released on March 22nd. This one for today was published by the Flash magazine and are outtake pics from their December 25th which only had four pages. When she was with AKB Nana was always such a cutie, never realized how ultra hot she as but very few have topped her spreads from the past year.
 That next post will have four mag spreads and hopefully a few other super duper pics. This collection for today features 82 pics in all and these Flash photobooks are always so fabulous. That other PB mentioned above that came out on March 22nd was published by WPB, Nana has been on many of their mags and will work on having those pics for everyone soon.