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Friday, March 14, 2014

Kie Kitano & Aya Ueto: Nagareboshi drama episode 2 recap and screenshots

Main Cast:

Yutaka Takenouchi as Kengo Okada, Maria's older brother
Aya Ueto as Risa Makihara
Kii Kitano as Maria Okada, Kengo's much younger sister
Goro Inagaki as Shuichi Makihara, Risa's shady brother
Shota Matsuda as Dr. Ryo Kamiya
Yuka Itaya as Minako Aizawa
Tetta Sugimoto as Junji Kawamoto
Mieko Harada as Kazuko Okada, mother of Kengo and Maria
Haruna Kawaguchi as Mizuki Yasuda, Maria's best friend
Akito Kiriyama as Ryota Sawamura, also has the same illness as Maria

 Continuing on from episode one we're waiting to find out the response Risa will give to Kengo. He's asked her to marry him and he's willing to give her quite a bit of money for doing so as long as she'll donate her kidney if the doctor says she's the right match. Risa is really undecided about what to do, her brother has run up some heavy debts which she's forced for some reason to pay but understandably she's a bit troubled by the fact she will need to donate her liver.
 Kengo has talked to Maria's doctor, if you're a relative of the person who needs a transplant it's okay to donate one, it's also okay if you're the spouse of a family member which is what Risa will be. Kengo has kept his plans secret from everyone including his mother and of course his fiancee, they're still planning on getting married.

 Meanwhile Maria is still in the hospital which she doesn't know why she's still there, unknown still to her is that she needs a liver transplant to very quickly, she doesn't have much longer to live though she seems to be doing fine. She's met another boy named Ryota in episode 1, they are getting much closer but it also appears Maria's best friend Mizuki has also taken a liking to him which is making Maria a bit jealous. Also Maria and Ryota had slipped out of the hospital to see a play, it backfired on them as Ryota got taken real ill and had to be rushed back to the hospital, it's not the last time the pair would escape like that.
 Risa throughout this whole episode is going back and forth with her decision on whether to accept Kengo's offers, she's wavering but seems to be getting closer to saying yes. Especially now that her brother has tracked down where she lives, she hadn't paid off his last debt and the thugs he owed the money to have given him a good beating. Her brother is really so annoying., still don't know why she constantly helps him put but once again she's pressured into going back to work at the sex club. She hasn't thought it yet but perhaps a few of us have, even if she accepts Kengo's money and pays off the debts it's just going to keep happening, she just needs to cut all ties with her brother as soon as possible and actually starting with the next few episodes that does start happening.

 Probably the slowest episode of the 5 I've watched, we're still waiting for Risa's answer, will she or won't she say yes to marrying Kengo and donating a liver to Maria? Next episode is where the decision comes out but even if she does say yes she needs the okay from the doctor to be able to do it and the doctor seems to have caught on to Kengo's unethical deal. And as usual screenshots of my fave pair from this episode, Aya really does look so different in this series but in a really terrific way, she does look better in this drama than any other one she's been in.

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