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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miori Takimoto: Ikemen desu ne drama episode 10 screenhsots and recap

Main Cast: 

Miori Takimoto as Mio/Miko Sakuraba, in real life is Miko but takes the place of her twin Mio
Yuta Tamamori as Ren Katsuragi, vocalist, songwriter and leader of A.N.Jell
Taisuke Fijugaya as Shu Fujishiro, guitarist of A.N.Jell
Hikaru Yaotome as Yuki Hogo, drummer of A.N.Jell
Haruna Kojima as Nana, pop idol who wants to be Ren's girlfriend
Shingo Yanagisawa as Hajima Mabuchi, oversees the bands activities
Hisako Manda as Reiko Mizusawa, Ren's mother
Masanobu Takashima as Hiroshi Ando, manager of A.N.Jell
Nana Katase as Rina, does the wardrobes for A.N.Jell and Nana
Miyuki Imori as Shigeko Sakuraba, Mio's aunt

 Ended of last episode with Mio learning about her mother's death and how the main reason for it was that Ren's mother and her father were having an affair. Though Mio knows Ren had nothing to do with his mother's actions she realizes she can no longer be with him. he's just too painful of a reminder of her past and the tragic deaths of her parents. Mio has also decided to leave the band, I forget now why her brother didn't come back as it's been too long since I viewed the series but his not returning to the band meant that Mio had to keep playing her twin brother. \
 However she says she'll do one more appearance with the band which is in Okinawa. Ren though has to stay back in Tokyo but Mio, Shu and Yuki go and do the band appearance. It's there that Mio tells everyone she's decided to leave the band and there is no chance of her changing her mind.

 Mio does end up staying in Okinawa and is about to start working at a school. Think it's easy to forget by this episode but Mio was training to be a nun, though she's had many guys after her and she's fallen hard for Ren romantically nothing has happened, if she wishes she can still continue her training as a nun. It's not discussed here but does come up in the finale about her wishing to do that but before that can happen we're wondering what is going on with Ren? He was in Tokyo during the band's trip but once he learned about Mio's departure he rushed down to Okinawa and was on the hunt to bring her back with him. He does find her eventually before she accepts the job at the school but it's no use, Mio is leaving the band and that's that. Ren and Mio have a tearful farewell at the airport, she tells him everything that his mother had done to her family, left him speechless as there were no thanks that could have satisfied her and once again none of it was Ren's fault. That really was one depressing and sad scene, once again you need some tissues handy as Mio's tears do not stop flowing, it really was quite sad.

 Mio's life was looking so promising with her being in the band and with two guys who had fallen madly in love with her, now her life was in complete shambles. As least to us it was but remember her first calling was to be a nun and it looks like she may pursue it again but first she's about to start work at a school in Okinawa. One more episode to go and the main questions which may or may not be answered is what's going to happen with Mio? Is she going to be teacher, a nun or will she end up returning to the band? And what of the band, will they continue as Ren is severely down, he's lost all his strength to do anything now that Mio has left him and the band. Few of the lingering questions are answered int he final episode but not all, check out the next post for the conclusion of this drama.

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