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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miori Takimoto: Ikemen desu ne drama episode 1 screenshots and recap

 Air Date: July 15, 2011 to September 23, 2011 on TBS, average rating was 9.94%.

Main Cast: 

Miori Takimoto as Mio/Miko Sakuraba, in real life is Miko but takes the place of her twin Mio
Yuta Tamamori as Ren Katsuragi, vocalist, songwriter and leader of A.N.Jell
Taisuke Fijugaya as Shu Fujishiro, guitarist of A.N.Jell
Hikaru Yaotome as Yuki Hogo, drummer of A.N.Jell
Haruna Kojima as Nana, pop idol who wants to be Ren's girlfriend
Shingo Yanagisawa as Hajima Mabuchi, oversees the bands activities
Hisako Manda as Reiko Mizusawa, Ren's mother
Masanobu Takashima as Hiroshi Ando, manager of A.N.Jell
Nana Katase as Rina, does the wardrobes for A.N.Jell and Nana
Miyuki Imori as Shigeko Sakuraba, Mio's aunt

 Finished this drama 2 months ago and uploaded most of the screenshots but then when I realized that I had to do 11 recaps put it on hold, that's too many to do in a row, should start learning to do recaps after an episode or two. Will make the recaps brief but with enough info so you'll know what is going on, as I'll surely miss some of the story the screenshots come in real handy to help us follow the series better. Also this series is a remake of a Korean drama which aired in 2009, haven't seen that but from what I've read this stays fairly close to that version.
 Miori starts off in the drama by playing Miko, a 20 year old female who has dedicated her life to the church and is currently in a convent training to be a nun. She also has a twin brother Mio, the pair grew up in an orphanage after their father died and then mysteriously their mother disappeared. Mio has been asked to join the pop band A.N.Jell who are a trio but were looking for a keyboardist and second vocalist. However right before Mio was to join the band he got into a fight and had his nose broken and will be unable to join them for 3 months. The band didn't know of this but Mabuchi who oversees the band learns what happened and for some reason hunts down Miko at the convent and tries to persuade her to take her brother's place.
 It was a tough decision for Miko as she's dedicated in her nun training, she's a bit inept and goofy at times but is really sincere in her training. It took much convincing from Mabuchi but Miko finally said yes to taking her twin brother's place in the band for 3 months and now the hi-jinks start.

 First episode is 57 minutes, Mio.... I'll refer to Miko as that for now on.... finally meets the band at about the 40 minute mark so there wasn't much time for all of them to get to know each other in this first episode. Ren, who is the main leader of A.N.Jell though takes an instant disliking for Mio, he doesn't understand why they need another member, also though Ren does have a bit of a surly attitude and comes off that way to almost everyone around him, not just Mio. However the other two members Shu and Yuki take an instant lking towards Mio, actually the two of them are really likable guys and get along with really everyone. Part of the deal that Mio has to endure is that she needs to move into the band's mansion and live with them! They have no clue that she's a female and ends up being quite a challenge for her to hide this fact, slowly but surely it get's harder and eventually the secret becomes exposed but not for many more episodes. This one ends with Mio and Ren at each other's throats as she was browsing through his room and quite by accident knocked a few things over and made shambles of his place. That's not the first nor last time the two of them go at it, Ren at first is such an impossible person to deal with but Mio after her nun training can see the good in him and never stops trying to become close to him.

 Not a long recap but longer than I had wanted it to be, one of these dramas I end up posting about will just do one long review of the whole series with just some posts with screenshots. Have 10 more posts after this for the series, 11 episodes in all and really not a dud show in the whole bunch. Of course the main reason for watching this is Miori, she does such an excellent job as posing as her twin brother in this drama but to be honest she doesn't look like a male all that much, a bit perhaps but she's just way too attractive to resemble a guy.

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