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Monday, March 3, 2014

Saki Fukuda: Ghost Friends drama episode 5 recap and screenshots

Air Date: April 2 to June 11, 2009 on NHK, it aired at 10:00 pm on Thursdays, rating was 3.6%.

Main Cast:

Saki Fukuda as Asuka Kamiya.... normal teen who for some reason can see and talk with ghosts
Takahiro Nishijima as Kaito Hayami.... he's a ghost
Ayame Misaki as Miku Aoyama.... one of Asuka's friends who died and is now a ghost
Ai as Yui Mishima.... Asuka's other friend who died and returned as a ghost
Noriko Iriyama as Misora Hongo.... the ghost who Kaito is chasing after
Nana Katase as Ayako Ono.... owns the cafe where Asuka works PT
Tomochika as Seiko Kamiya.... Asuka's dead mother who also returned as a ghost

 Asuka has finally turned in her career path survey, she came over all her doubts and has decided to apply to a major art school. She is talented but needs much more training and there isn't much time until the entrance exams but she lucked out in an odd way. The ghost she meets this episode before his death happened to be a professor of arts at the college she's applying to. He's agreed to help her out as much as possible but in return he needs Asuka to help him out with his final wish which naturally she does but with a bit of unexpected help at the end from Misora.

 The ghost had been close friends with 2 others before he passed away, a man and woman the same age as he was. Though the ghost had a big crush on the woman he really wanted those two friends to be together and get married, we see they would really make a great pair. The problem is the man who has no confidence around her, they get along great but he's too shy about expressing his feelings towards her and because of that looks like the two of them will never be together and just remain friends. As much as Asuka tries to help the guy out she just can't get him to confess to the woman his romantic feelings, he better as she's had an offer to move to America with a co-worker and get married there. Asuka learns of this and tries to get him to stop the marriage but once again his meekness gets in the way. This is where Misora comes in and she ends up possessing the woman's body and dupes Asuka into thinking she's getting married. When Asuka and the man show up at the chapel it's only the woman there and finally the man confesses his feelings towards her and it looks like they'll be living happily ever after.

 Misora wasn't a bad person when she was alive but after her death is when her personality changed and guess it's easy to understand. Not sure what the good deed will do for her as Kaito still wants to bring her back to the ghost world, don't know why he just doesn't forcibly bring her back. Also Kaito's body is breaking down, it's a ghost body but has been transformed into a human one so he can fit into the real world. However the body may have a time limit staying in that condition as he's been having problems with the body and has passed out several times in the last 2 episodes. As far as Asuka's test to get into college goes we don't know about that yet but the ghost she helped out also helped her out in a big way and her skills have really improved. Plus we still don't know where the relationship between Asuka and Kaito is going, she hasn't confessed her true feelings for him as he's still in love with Misora.
 Haven't read the other reviews closely but heard the ending is a bit sad, don't want to read them and spoil anything. To date this has been a solid and enjoyable drama, really a fine watch and would recommend it. The problem now is getting subs, the first 5 were done and are available at DA but the project was dropped and the last 5 episodes were not done. Have read at a different site someone else did sub the remaining shows so will check them out but heard the quality of them may not be so good, hoping they're at least respectable as I really want to finish this drama, if anyone knows if there are good subs for episodes 6-10 just leave a comment.
 Edit: Did find subs for the last 5 episodes but they leave a bit to be desired so I'm up in the air whether to finish this series or not, really enjoyed the first half so would like to finish it off. What I may do is go through and edit the subs for the last 5 episodes which will take a while but at least I'll be able to understand the story much better plus the screenshots will come out much more accurate.

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