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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miori Takimoto: Ikemen desu ne drama episode 2 screenshots and recap

Main Cast: 

Miori Takimoto as Mio/Miko Sakuraba, in real life is Miko but takes the place of her twin Mio
Yuta Tamamori as Ren Katsuragi, vocalist, songwriter and leader of A.N.Jell
Taisuke Fijugaya as Shu Fujishiro, guitarist of A.N.Jell
Hikaru Yaotome as Yuki Hogo, drummer of A.N.Jell
Haruna Kojima as Nana, pop idol who wants to be Ren's girlfriend
Shingo Yanagisawa as Hajima Mabuchi, oversees the bands activities
Hisako Manda as Reiko Mizusawa, Ren's mother
Masanobu Takashima as Hiroshi Ando, manager of A.N.Jell
Nana Katase as Rina, does the wardrobes for A.N.Jell and Nana
Miyuki Imori as Shigeko Sakuraba, Mio's aunt

 Continuing on from the first recap Mio and Ren are still not coming close to getting along, he gets in a rage and ends up throwing his cellphone on the top of a high scaffold. Mio in her attempt to get on Ren's good side climbs up the scaffold and is able to retrieve it but is unable to hold on from the high perch and ends up falling to the ground. Luckily for Mio it wasn't the ground the stopped her but Ren who ran over and caught before she really hurt herself. He was quite upset at her actions but actually here we see the first twinkling in his eye that perhaps Mio might not be a bad guy, he still doesn't know she's a female.
 Ren has been a problem for Mio to get along with but that's not the case with Shu and Yuki, the two of them really, really like her. It doesn't come out until episodes 7 & 8 but Shu knows that Mio is really a female, he wants to date her so bad but he can't as he has to keep her secret, kind of tears him up inside. Yuki also has fallen for Mio in a big way, he wonders through most of the drama whether he may be gay as he has such an intense love for Mio, he has no clue she's a female.

 One other thing that's going on with Mio is finding out what happened to her mother, no one really knows including her aunt who has appeared on the scene. This hunt goes on for quite a long time and though Mio's aunt is a bit of a shady character really feels Mio's pain and is helping her out in the hunt. Her aunt is also the only person who Mio goes back to being a female for, she dresses up in woman's clothes when they're together though they always have to meet in private.
 Mio joined the band and now finally at the end of episode 2 they finally play a live show, Mio's first for all the A.N. Jell fans. A huge success is what is was as the fans fell right in love with Mio or should I say the female fans, will be saying it in most posts but can't understand how all these people think such a cute girl could be a man. The first concert went over quite well, even Ren was pleased with Mio but not real happy with how all the female fans have fallen for her, he's the most popular member and wants to keep it that way.

 Two episodes down, only 9 more to go! Probably the biggest question since the series started is how long can Mio keep her secret of actually being a female? Every episode a little more of the secret gets exposed, Shu knows her secret but isn't telling anyone to protect her and the band but in the following episodes it starts to be the biggest part of the story. All these recaps will end off with some terrific screenshots of Miori, does anyone else think she doesn't look all that much like a male?

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