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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Manami Higa: "Sensei! 、、、Suki ni Natte mo Ii Desuka?" promo event pics

 Been a while since the last Manami post, actually have been saying that about many of my faves recently but that's a good sign as that meant they're perhaps back in the swing of things. Been falling behind my 'Code Blue' watching, seen the the first 2 1/2 episodes and while it's still a fine drama just hasn't aroused my interest as much as the first two seasons did. Then again have noticed I tend to watch Japanese dramas a few months after they've completed and that looks like it'll be the the case for CB's third season.
 There really has been nothing new with Manami for close to two months, we may see more of her with the new film coming out. One thing Manami does a horrible job at is updating her accounts. Manami does have an Instagram page but these are the only three pics from the last few weeks, rarely does a blog entry and doesn't have a Twitter account.

 Manami has done a lot of work for Panasonic the last years, she's done plenty of CM's for them along with appearing at many events. There's a new CM coming out for their 'Lets Note' line, don't have it for today but will in a future post as it's coming out on October 1st but the pics here are new from their site.

 Someone who I overlook quite often is Aoi Morikawa, have kind of liked her over the years and she does have some distinctive looks. She's in the film too though these two pics here are from a different event which took place yesterday, think a post or two soon could be in the works. She appears in many films, three this year and three are scheduled for 2017, "Schoolgirl Complex" from 2013 was her first one and that's a movie worth checking out.

  Manami has had the lead in two movies but doesn't appear in nearly as many of them as she does dramas, these are some promo stills for the new film.

 Kind of a long title for the film, in English it translates over to 'Teacher, is it okay for me to love you?'. The film is based upon an older manga which first came out in 1996, it's been quite popular selling close to six million copies.
 This event was held September 26th at the Tokyo International Forum, there was no screening of the film but there probably will next month. Manami looked stupendous as usual at the event, she's made my top ten list the past two years and don't see why it won't happen again. Many A++++ pics here from Tuesday's event though there was no video of it so after the pics have the film's trailer which opens on October 28th.


  1. Manami and Aoi👍 noice. Last pic from the promo stills m8 that boy looks dangerouss, he better not be thinking what i'm thinking. Feel like the trailer just spoiled the whole damn movie tho haha

  2. Manami is a huge fave of mine as you can see by the post counts. Meanwhile Suzu who has the lead female role in this film is not someone I like at all, usually try to avoid her. Aoi is a gal who can't be considered all that attractive but she really stands out in a crowd. She has the lead role in her next film "Love and Lies" coming out in two weeks. The "SHE" drama from 2015 is worth checking out as it's just five episodes at 19+ minutes, Mayu became a huge fan of mine after viewing the show.

  3. Coz Suzu is a lil' kid...and we don't take kindly to lil' kidz haha. Just checked out the trailer for 'Love and Lies' and i guess it's going to be a while to get back into romance because i've just been watching crime stuff lately, and romance gets real cheesy sometimes. 5 eps for 'She' ay, i'll give it a whiff in the coming days...if i remember to haha

  4. The synopsis for "Love and Lies" looked interesting as her character is appointed by the government to marry someone to increase the birth rate, most of her past films have been kind of edgy. "The Werewolf Game: The Beast Side" looks to be a good film though I've never found it subbed.

  5. I'll hit ya up if i stumble upon it